I'm Obsessed with Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

I don’t know about you but I have what I can a “special occasion” shampoo and conditioner. When I really love a shampoo and conditioner and it is on the price side of things, I only reach for it on special occasions. This is my way of making those bottles last awhile. I adored this one particular brand’s shampoo and conditioner because it smelled like Chanel no. 5 and made me feel like I spent all day at the salon but with each bottle costing upwards of $25 each, it didn’t get a lot of play. Now I’ve gotten over my shampoo and conditioner rationing  thanks to MoroccanOil’s Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.

I’ve done a lot of damage to my hair during the last year going from brunette to red, back to brunette and then back to a reddish-brunette. I worried that my hair would only be fit for lining stables after the last time I had color lifted but I’ve been good to my hair and have been pampering it as much as I can. This pampering has involved using MoroccanOil’s Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner more regularly. Normally this would be a “special occasion” shampoo and conditioner for me but it is so so good and much more affordable that I’ve decided I cannot be without it and have worked it into my regular rotation. At a starting price of $15 for an 8oz. bottle, I’ve decided that my hair is worth that much to me. 🙂

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Product Girl 2009 Favorite Beauty Products – Skin, Nails & Hair Care

Our favorite beauty products of the year continues with our favorites in skincare, nails and haircare. Are some of our picks the same as yours? Keep reading…

Without a doubt Elizabeth Arden Prevage Moisturizer has been Carla’s favorite moisturizer of the year, she can’t sing its praises enough. It’s definitely pricey but the texture makes it last forever and it tames her skin like nothing else… she is hooked.

This year we got to know Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser and our lashes were grateful for the introduction. This product not only removes mascara better than most makeup removers but also conditions lashes at the same time.

Sampar Skin Quenching Mist is as good as it gets if you’re obsessed with refreshing your skin with mists like we are. Not only does it have a devine rose scent to it but you can spray on as much as you’d like, no greasy residue left on your skin with this.

Suki Lemongrass Cleanser is another goodie from 2008 that we brought with us into 2009. You can use it as an extremely effective exfoliator or let it foam up for gentler way to clean your skin. Plus the lemongrass will definitely perk you up.

Garnier’s Nutri-Pure Detoxifying Wet Cleansing Towelettes are our top pick for cleansing wipes. These refreshing oil-free wipes have a clean fruity scent and do not dry out your skin if you’re having a “lazy” day and is the only thing you use to wash your face at night. Not that we do that or anything…

Thank you MAC for Style Black and the MAC Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask. It makes our skin so soft after just one use and there is something incredibly therapeutic about slathering sooty black ash all over your skin and rinsing it off with a hint of heat. Love!

Four months under our belt of using NARS Cleansing Oil and it’s still rocking our world. And the best part is the bottle isn’t even a quarter of the way empty!

Duri Rejuvacoat has saved my nails this year. This base coat not only helps strengthen nails (boy does it ever!) but has actually improved how my some of my nails grew. Some of the odd bends I have in my nails actually straightened out a bit.

Since I’m all about nail care this year (hello fellow ex-nail bitters!), It Cosmetics Nail Love has been in my handbag at all times. Why hasn’t anyone though of this before? This nail pen includes oil to condition nails but also has a rubber slanted tip to help push your cuticles back. Convenient, no?

For color, the Barielle All Lacquered Up collection has been my favorite from this year. My friend Michelle from All Lacquered Up helped create a collection of shades that I am absolutely in love with and I turn to them over and over again… I’m talking to you Glammed Out Garnet and Get Mauving.

It all starts with the nail polish remover and Zoya Remove + Nail Polish Remover is my favorite nail polish remover of all time. The delivery method is fantastic, formula is not toxic, conditions the nails and I’m all for a product that helps calm me and steady my hands before applying nail polish. The lavender scent does just that.

We were really excited when we started seeing forest greens step on to the Fall trend scene, which is why we fell hard for OPI’s Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow from the Espana collection. So deep and sultry, even if it did take nearly three coats to get it just right.

When my hair needs refreshing, Ojon Revitalizing Mist takes care of my hair with just a few spritzes. This product is also a leave in conditioner. If I don’t have time for my usual routine, this detangles and leaves hair soft. I hope Sephora brings this back as a Beauty Insider deluxe sample, the small bottles are perfect for travel and I lost mine.

Frederic Fekkai’s Advanced Full Blown Volume Shampoo shampoo gets us excited, ala old school Herbal Essence commercials-style. The smell is refreshing with a hint of lime and gives LIFE to fine hair. The effect is really noticeable when blow drying with a big round brush.

If we could bathe in MoroccanOil products, we totally would… it conditions hair like nothing we have ever used. It is safe to say that MoroccanOil Treatment has completely rocked our world. It conditions, protects against heat, adds shine and tames flyaways. What more could we ask for?

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo isn’t exactly new but it is new to us this year. This product has saved my life in the morning (when I’m running late!) countless times this year and it is the only dry shampoo I keep re-purchasing. Why is that? It is gentle and does not irritate my scalp like other dry shampoos do.

So what about you? What are your favorite skincare, nails and hair products new to you this year?

Moroccan Oil Treatment: Hair Must Have

If you’re looking for a product to condition tresses and tame frizz, get to know Moroccan Oil Treatment. It’s the perfect hair multi-tasker and it has become a staple in my hair product arsenal. If there’s one thing that I do every day, it’s applying Moroccan Oil. It makes my hair feel softer and it smooths everything out making styling much, much easier.

moroccan-oil-treatment To use Moroccan Oil, you apply a small amount to damp hair then style hair as usual. The key here is to not be heavy handed because just a little Moroccan Oil goes a very long way. Seriously, a really long way… I’ve been using this since mid-May and I still have 3/4 of a bottle worth of product by using a nickel size dollop at a time on my thick, course hair. Considering how long a bottle of Moroccan Oil last, this definitely makes the price of the bottle a little more reasonable.

What makes Moroccan Oil a multi-tasking product is that in addition to adding instant shine and taming frizz, the product also conditions and protects hair against heat. In fact, one of Moroccan Oil’s suggested uses is to apply the product before coloring (and not rinsing hair) and then mixing product into the color mixture. This is said to help the hair shaft absorb the color or bleacher easier, enhance shine, elasticity and depth of color. I haven’t tried that yet but with the results I’m seeing so far, it’s my next step. 🙂

Of course I love the shine and smoothness but my absolutely favorite thing about Moroccan Oil is how it makes my hair smell. It has a musky scent that is just like my ideal men’s cologne, it’s not overly masculine, has a touch of sweetness and does not conflict with any perfume I may wear. Blow drying and styling my hair has been a little more enjoyable lately thanks to this.

Have you used Moroccan Oil Treatment? What did you think? How has it improved your hair? Let us know in the comments.