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The Seven Beauty Products of Summer

As I flipped my Boston Terrier 2012 calendar to August last week, I realized that summer is kind of winding down. Can you believe it? I may have shed a tear at the thought of summer Fridays coming to an end. But then I smiled at the idea of cooler temps. And then I read […]

Coming Soon: LUSH Emotional Brilliance

LUSH will launch its long-awaited Emotional Brilliance collection July 21, venturing into the world of makeup more than it ever has before. And, in one of the most unique ways, too. Emotional Brilliance is more than just a color collection, but makeup mind therapy. What’s that you say?  It’s about how you feel when you […]

Beauty VIP of the Week: Dry Shampoo

The longer my hair gets, the less I want to wash it. Not only to protect the ends and keep it healthy, but goodness, to save time! It takes some serious work to get it cleansed, dried and styled. I wear it as a badge of honor how long I can go between washes. I’m […]

Valentine’s Day Beauty to Heart

 In honor of cupid’s big day, we pulled together a list of pink, red and girly all over beauty goodies. Products that exude XOXO. Because if there’s one thing we heart, it’s beauty. Forget the roses and the chocolates, we like these kinds of presents. Leila Lou Eau de Parfum –  Somehow this scent by […]

LUSH No Drought Appeals to my Citrus-Seeking Side

Dry shampoo is a staple in my life. I used to wash my hair every single day, and now I’m more of an every other day washer (or two, if I can get away with it). Now that my hair is to the middle of my back, it is a serious job to wash, dry […]

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