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Beauty VIP of the Week: L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes

We don’t often talk about self-tanner on Product Girl. We more or less embrace our pale-ness. But I had to go and get myself a farmer’s tan while in Florida last week and it is none too cute if you’re planning on exposing your bare shoulders. Which I am planning to do this weekend with a one-shouldered dress.

To back up just a moment, before it was a farmer’s tan it was a sunburn. I scold people all the time for not using sunscreen, so I’m a little embarrassed that it happened.

Exhibit A: The farmer’s burn

It was really painful for a few days, which is enough of a reminder to never ever go without the SPF again. Regardless of my recklessness, I needed to rectify the farmer’s tan. I picked up L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes and they’ve been slowly evening out my skin tone. I’ve been using them at night because I don’t like to sit all day with the scent. They work really well without turning me orange or streaky. I’ve even been using them semi-unevenly since my main concern is to remove the white strip along my right shoulder, and it has been foolproof.

Now that I’m dabbling in the self-tanner, would love to know what everyone’s favorites are? I have to admit, being tan in the winter is exciting.

Mascara Round-Up: Nars, L'Oreal, Almay, Lancome, Benefit and a New Cover Girl LashBlast?

Mascara is one of those beauty products that I wear even on days that I don’t feel like wearing much on my face. Just a quick swipe seems to help tired eyes look bright. At any given moment, I have a handful of mascaras I rotate using.

Here are the ones currently living in my makeup bag:

  • Lancôme Hypnose Drama – I’ve been using this mascara a ton lately – reaching for it nearly every morning. I’ve really grown to love it and find it adds plenty of *drama* to my lashes.
  • Benefit Bad Gal Plum – Now I know reviews are mixed on the Bad Gal mascaras, but I totally love them – especially the  blue and plum. I use the plum a lot with smokey brown eyes, it gives my lashes a little something different.
  • Nars Larger than Life Volumizing – I love this one too! It totally lives up to its claim and totally pumps up my lashes. It is waterproof and very difficult to fully remove — and I even remove it with Nars Cleansing Oil! For that reason, it’s my “special occasion” mascara.
  • Almay Intense I-Color Bring Out Lengthening – I picked this up in Blue Sapphire on a whim. I’m very “eh” on it, and I actually think that Almay has since repackaged/reformulated/discontinued this specific mascara. It’s a beautiful shade of navy blue but it doesn’t do much for my lashes.
  • L’Oreal Double Extend Lash Boosting – One side is primer infused with lash boosting serum and the other is the mascara. It’s just OK. I find it difficult to apply because the wands are basically half the size as normal and it can make application difficult. Also, I find that my lashes can get a little flaky looking at times. It’s as though the primer and mascara don’t entirely work together.

Hmm…sounds like I need to ditch the Almay and L’Oreal and bring back my Cover Girl LashBlast! Speaking of, Cover Girl is introducing a brand new mascara, LashBlast Fusion, which both volumizes and lengthens! Isn’t that thrilling?

It should arrive at stores nationwide in April, but if you look onto starting today you can find out where you can purchase it early! You can also check out its debut at Fashion Week during the Anna Sui show on You Tube.

What about you – any mascaras you’re loving (or not loving) lately? And are you also so excited for LashBlast Fusion?

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base – Love it or Leave it?

Makeup primers for me are a must-have, which is why I was so excited to try L’Oreal’s new Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base. I wear my makeup for so long during the work day – minimum of 12 hours – so it’s important to me for my face to look just as good at 4pm that it does at 7am. It’s an extra step in my routine that makes such a difference.

L’Oreal’s latest comes in a small pot and is light pink in color. The base glides onto the skin like silk and feels lightweight. I think application is key to achieving a lightweight finish though. I like to use a flat foundation brush to blend it into the skin. The first time I used it with my fingers it didn’t feel right. But once I found my groove with the brush, I was hooked. It controls oil so well and gives skin a matte finish. My Revlon Photo Ready glided on like a dream and my complexion appeared flawless!

My mom and I both bought this at a recent Ulta shopping trip and she likes it just as much, if not more, than I do. Her pores are much larger than mine and she said this hides them better than any other primer. I’ve seen this at CVS, Walgreens and Ulta for about $12. If you struggle with oily skin or large pores, this is absolutely worth a try! The verdict is definitely “love it!”

Five Drugstore Beauty Buys You Need

The Product-Girl mantra is that there is no such thing as too many beauty products.  And those are words I live by! To all of my fellow product-lovin’ gals out there, I wanted to introduce myself, I’m Laurie, as the latest contributor to Product Girl and share a few products that have been rocking my world lately.


These five products have become essential to my beauty routine. And the best part about them? They can all be found at the drugstore.

I love rocking a dark lip when the temperatures start to drop, and Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in Va Va Violet is perfection.  Revlon released six new shades of this lipstick recently as part of the Passion Fusion Collection, which is appearing in stores now.

Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri nail polish is a fast favorite over here – literally. This stuff glides on smoothly and dries in a flash. I love Uptempo Plum, a gorgeous dark purple with pink sparkles.

I am a gel-eyeliner junkie and Loreal’s Pencil Perfect Self-Advancing Eyeliner is essentially that, in pencil form. I can’t be without the Espresso shade!

I picked up Boots No7 High Lights Illuminating Lotion on a whim at Target earlier this year and use this stuff constantly! It’s a pearly pink shimmer lotion that works with my sensitive skin. I like to mix it with my primer, sunscreen or foundation – and it just gives a soft, natural glow every time.

Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm is different than the Carmex we grew up with. It’s packaged in a sleek, silver tube and has a satin, gloss finish. It works great as a base for lipstick and on its own. This is three dollars well spent, trust me!

Now it’s your turn – any drugstore must-haves you want to share?

My L'Oreal Feria Hair Dying Party

L'Oreal Feria L’Oreal recently asked a few blogs if they would be interesting in hosting a hair dying party in honor of L’Oreal Feria’s new and improved formula and their bold new look.

I was lucky enough to receive the invitation and I accepted. I’m glad I did because my friends and I had a lot of fun and some of us have a new look to boot. We all had different objectives when it came to dying our hair but in the end I think the results were all great.

We had a great time! L’Oreal was kind enough to provide us with the dye, black hair towels, goodie bags filled with enough L’Oreal makeup to last us the next few years and refreshments for the evening. We played with our makeup, sipped some wine, had some pizza then spread out in my dining room and kitchen dying our hair while we chatted. It was a fun way to have a girls night.

Alana Dying Her Hair at the L'Oreal Feria party Jenny Dying Her Hair at the L'Oreal Feria party Desirae Drying Her Hair at the L'Oreal Feria party

I was happy to see that L’Oreal Feria wasn’t runny at all. I had laid out all my “dying towels” and was dressed in my “dying shirt” prepared to get dirty but really didn’t have anything drip down on to them at all. I was impressed with how the dye stayed in place as it was on and saved me some laundry duty in the end. As for shine and conditioning, the new Built-In Silk & Shimmer Conditioning Technology certainly did it’s job. The shine is definitely there and my hair has not felt this soft and silky since I got my highlights months ago.

Want to see our “before and after” shots? Continue reading

L'Oreal's Skin Genesis Daily Skincare

Drugstore brands really do not get enough love on Product Girl and I apologize about that, this is something I’m working on improving… really, I promise. Because of this, I was excited to try some of L’Oreals new Skin Genesis products. Every time I think of L’Oreal, I think about how cute Penelope Cruz was in Woman on Top and I want her glow.

Loreal Skin Genesis Daily Treatment Serum Concentrate The first product I tried was L’Oreal’s Skin Genesis Daily Treatment Serum Concentrate. I applied it under moisturizer as suggested and within a week of using this product, I saw noticeable changes in my skin. The serum dries quickly but it does leave skin feeling a little sticky. Seeing as how moisturizer always follows the serum, this wasn’t a big concern for me but it would be nice not to have to have this as an issue in the first place. I began seeing a change in the texture of my skin as well, the dry patches of skin I had been battling started improving. There was one aspect of using this serum that I did not like though, my skin felt oilier than it has in a long time. Within a few hours, my skin started to shine. The improvement in my skin’s dryness certainly came at a cost.

Loreal Skin Genesis Daily Moisturizer Oil-Free Lotion Then I tried L’Oreal’s Skin Genesis Daily Moisturizer Oil-Free Lotion, using this over their serum. I liked the texture to this product, it’s not runny but it’s thin enough to make application easy. This lotion is a little strongly scented though, sensitive noses beware. It has a floral scent to it that is a little overpowering. That didn’t bother me too much though, what really bothered me was how long this product took to absorb with the serum applied underneath. When I used this lotion as directed, it seemed as though it took at least an hour for my skin not to feel greasy. Not only that but as I mentioned, a few hours later, my skin began looking shiny. I tried using this lotion without the serum underneath and I had much better results, it sank in quickly and the shine factor was drastically reduced. I really prefer using this product on it’s own.

While there were things to like and dislike about each product, the one thing I loved in both products was the packaging. I didn’t have to put my fingers into anything and the design is so sleek that I have room on my bedside table for more stuff!

Conquering My Fears With Home Hair Color

Home hair dye is a 1.4 billion dollar market, and supposedly half of all American women who dye their hair do so at home. So why did my friend shriek in horror when I told her I was contemplating dying my own hair to save money? It seems as though home hair dye is a taboo subject, something best left to professionals. I’m no professional but I decided that if half of the country was doing it, I could play guinea pig and find out for myself.

L’Oreal Superior Preference Dream Blonde Complete Color and Care System I picked up L’Oreal Superior Preference Dream Blonde Complete Color and Care System in Medium Golden Blonde. At $15, I thought it was a bit pricey for a home kit but it was exactly the color I was looking for, so I went with it. It’s called a “Complete Color System” because not only does it contain dye, but it also comes with several accompaniments that make this kit unique. The Pre-Color Moisture Infuser is a conditioner that applied on your ends to protect them from damage prior to dying. Also included in the system are Weekly Blonde Supreme shampoo and conditioner, formulated to conserve color and prevent brassiness. Continuous Shine Cream is a lightweight alternative to popular silicone frizz styling products on the market. All of these add-ons were very generous in size, lasting me several weeks after the initial dye.

So what were my results? I am no pro, but my hair is now a very even, shiny, warm blonde. The color didn’t cover up my highlights, and the results look quite natural. After several weeks, it hasn’t faded and most importantly, my ends are quite healthy – I can’t even find a split end. I would recommend conquering your fear of home color by starting with this Complete Color and Care System.

It's Infallible

I have seen the commercial with Beyonce for L’Oreal’s Infallible Lip Colour so many times that I was actually turned off to the product. For some reason, I came around to it and one day in Target, I picked this up in Henna. I was with my friend Lea and she laughed because the last thing I need is another pinkish-brown shade but I can’t help myself… it’s what I like.

L'Oreal's Infallible Lip Colour At first sight, I really wasn’t a fan of this packaging. I’m still not completely sold but I can see its appeal now. It comes in a mirrored case that’s helpful for application and on each side of the case, you have the lip color and conditioner that slides out for use. Ideally, it would be nice if this came out completely. The product’s wear surprised me. I’ve been so accustomed to long lasting lip products like this drying my lips and flaking right off but that didn’t happen here, it even lasted well over 8 hours with most of the color in tact. Also, I wore this comfortably for over 4 hours without needing to apply the conditioner. When I did, I was happy to find the same scent as in their Colour Juice Sticks, which I love and have several of. Now I want more of these, I think I’m going to take advantage of the Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal Ulta has going on right now.

I wish I would have tried this sooner, the compacts for this limited edition collection is so pretty… I wonder if there are even any left. And in case you’re wondering, the shade pictured here in Cerise 300, same color Beyonce wears in the commercial.

Playing with Cat Eyes

Since one of the most popular looks at the Fall fashion shows was the cat eye, I was very excited to try and emulate the look for myself. This is usually created by using a heavy liquid eyeliner, which most of the cosmetic companies out there make. Unfortunately I have found them to be messy, hard to apply and always get a nice glob of it in my eye, so I have tended to stay away from them. But since the fashion shows brought back the look, new formulas popped up on the market and I eagerly bought them up to try:

L'Oreal Mistake Proof Marker L’Oreal Mistake-Proof Marker gives you the choice to design a soft or dramatic liner look for your eyes. It comes with an exclusive slanted applicator. The flow is supposedly controlled and continuous, so you can easily follow the contour of the eye. Unfortunately, I did not find this the case. It was very hard on the eyelid in terms of drawing the actual line and the marker tip itself was not very soft. The line was not easily a continuous one, it came out choppy if you weren’t careful. You have to make sure to pull the eye taut to make a nice line, but this was very difficult to use, and since it is liquid, it was very hard to erase the mistakes that inevitably were all over my eyes. On the upside, if you get the hang of this liner, it is all day wear, water resistant and won’t smudge or fade.

Cover Girl LineExact Liquid Liner Pen The next liner I tried was the Cover Girl LineExact Liquid Liner Pen. After L’oreal didn’t go as well as I thought, I bought this one, determined to get the look down. This is a felt –tip liner in an easy to hold mini tube. Cover Girls’ version is hands down much easier to apply and the applicator is very soft and feels nice on the eyelid. To get a dark look, you might have to go over the line a couple times, as it applies a bit on the lighter side, but better light than too much right? This pen was definitely much more user-friendly than the L’Oreal one.

Bottom line is that I am usually very good about my makeup application. However, this look evades me. You must have steady hands and a good grasp of the application process. For some reason, I cannot get my line straight at all. Just remember, if you are going for this look, please keep the rest of the makeup easy and light, so your eyes are the only thing that stand out.