Hand Essential: Lollia Handcremes

Hand cream is a must for me, you can find 6 different ones on my desk right now in addition to a few more hidden in my drawers. That doesn’t even include the ones I have at home stored in my product stash… and believe me, there are quite a few in there.

My newest hand cream acquisition is Lollia’s  Handcreme in Relax, a delicious blend of lavender, honey and shea butter. I held out on picking this product up simply because $24 is a lot of money to spend on a hand cream but then I realized I spent a lot more on lip balm so that made it acceptable to my wallet. 😉 I’m glad I did it though, this has got to be my favorite hand cream ever. This one is staying with me at all times!

The love affair with Relax starts with the packaging. It is inspired by French vintage prints and is gorgeous, even Lollia’s website is gorgeous… I could stare at it all day. Then comes the cream itself. It is lightweight but packs a punch in the moisture department, quite a big punch actually. Just a little dab of this is enough to soothe my dry hands and keep them hydrated for hours.  The product doesn’t leave a greasy residue on your hands and it sinks in quickly.

Finally, the scent. Relax is a blend of lavender, honey, vanilla, orchid and amber. It smells amazing but sometimes I smell it and think “what perfume did I put on today”, so yes, it is well scented… well enough that I do not smell the perfume I put on in the morning so those gals with sensitive noses may want to pass on this. However, if a well scented hand cream does not bother you… give this a try! If the price tag is a little hard to swallow (frankly all of their products are expensive and a bit of a splurge), check out the minis for $8 sold at Anthropologie.

What hand cream is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Luxurious Candles

Lollia is a luxury line of candles, perfumes, bubble bath and more that’s garnering a cult following of devotees who can’t get enough of the delicate, floral scents and intricately feminine packaging. If you go for celebrity endorsements, Nicole Kidman is reportedly a fan. I’ve filled my home with their candles because they burn clean, last long, fill every room with amazing smells – and look gorgeous.

Lollia Tea Leaves Honey Tall Perfumed Luminary One of my favorites is the Tea Leaves and Honey Tall Perfumed Luminary. With notes of cool mint, ylang ylang and jasmine, it’s the perfect scent for the bedroom. It smells warm and cozy and makes me want to crawl into bed with a good book and cup of tea. And this sucker burns for a whopping 240 hours. With 12 different scents, Lollia’s web site provides suggestions of candle combinations that will help you create your own unique fragrance – which is a highly addictive past time.