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Beauty VIP of the Week: Lisa Hoffman Japanese Agarwood Body Wash

Lisa Hoffman’s Japanese Arganwood Body Wash is my bath time indulgence. I have been using this body wash very sparingly because I don’t want to think about being without it. I’ve had a sample of this for at least a year now and I treat it like I do my Kerastase products, it is for […]

Beauty VIP of the Week: Lisa Hoffman Madagascar Orchid Candle

This week’s Beauty VIP is Lisa Hoffman’s Madagascar Orchid candle. I’ve been burning it every evening for about a week and I don’t think I could ever, ever tire of this fragrance… it is so beautiful and graceful. It makes me feel like I’m lost in a beautiful garden and I don’t care if I […]

Lisa Hoffman Spa Packettes

One thing I learned about travel is to bring something to pamper myself with after a day of traveling. Whether it is a short flight or a long one, dealing with people and airports just drains me! The next time I take a trip (New York Fashion Week here I come!), my plan is to […]

Lisa Hoffman Madagascar Orchid Variations

I’ve mentioned that I love perfume oils, haven’t I? If not, I’m telling you now, I absolutely love perfume oils. They are rich and their scents last forever on the skin. That’s what it’s really all about with me. So being a perfume oil addict, this Lisa Hoffman Madagascar Orchid Variations set had me at […]

Lisa Hoffman Wants You to be Wrinkle Free!

Lisa Hoffman (wife of actor Dustin Hoffman) was frustrated when the TSA started enforcing liquid carry-on limitations. Instead of buying a box of baggies and trying to use the world’s smallest funnel to stuff moisturizer into a .015 oz jar (like I do), she created her own line of skincare products ranging from face, to […]

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