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Beauty VIP of the Week: Lisa Hoffman Japanese Agarwood Body Wash

Lisa Hoffman’s Japanese Arganwood Body Wash is my bath time indulgence. I have been using this body wash very sparingly because I don’t want to think about being without it. I’ve had a sample of this for at least a year now and I treat it like I do my Kerastase products, it is for special occasions or pick me ups only. This week I’ve used it almost every day and it has brightened my morning every time.

Lisa Hoffman’s Japanese Arganwood is a beautiful scent with notes of bergamot, ginger and amber in it. Sometimes when I’m using it, if I close my eyes, I envision myself showering in an orchard with the sun beaming down all around me. Yes, that’s a weird thought to have in the shower but it smells that good. It’s a gel formula so it is not particular creamy or nourishing but I’m so in love with its fragrance that I don’t mind that at all.

The brand has revamped it’s bath and body offerings lately, which I think was a smart move. You may this product by its previous name of Spa Shower Cleansing Gel. Before this change, products were in the Spa Shower and Spa Bath categories and it was a little confusing, now they are categorized by their fragrance. The packaging has also improved, no more annoying pump, now you can quickly squeeze out exactly what you need.

I love this stuff, just as I love everything else I’ve tried from Lisa Hoffman. The woman can do no wrong in my eyes. Have you ever tried her line? What did you think?

Beauty VIP of the Week: Lisa Hoffman Madagascar Orchid Candle

This week’s Beauty VIP is Lisa Hoffman’s Madagascar Orchid candle. I’ve been burning it every evening for about a week and I don’t think I could ever, ever tire of this fragrance… it is so beautiful and graceful. It makes me feel like I’m lost in a beautiful garden and I don’t care if I ever find my way out. Madagascar Orchid has been named as one of the Top Five Fragrances in 2009 by the Fragrance of the Year Awards, it has notes of orchid, jasmine, ylang dew, mimosa mood, and pink peony in it… in short, just a gorgeous floral fragrance.

When I can’t wear this in my skin, I’m happy to burn this soy candle in my home. The 9oz. candle will burn for over 50 hours but I’m savoring it slowly by burning it just an hour a night. That is just enough to fill my (small) apartment with the Madagascar Orchid scent. It also has a wood wick. This was my first time burning a wood wick candle, I realize I was a bit slow to get on the wood wick train but now I’m not getting off. I found the wick made the candle burn brighter, more evenly and the crackling sounds it makes as it burns is so cozy.

Lisa Hoffman also makes a Japanese Arganwood candle (also a beautiful scent!) and according to the brand’s Twitter account, we can expect candles in Lisa Hoffman’s other scents Tuscan Fig, French Clary Sage and Tunisian Neroli. I’m excited to smell those, I don’t think Lisa Hoffman can make a scent I won’t like.

Lisa Hoffman Spa Packettes

One thing I learned about travel is to bring something to pamper myself with after a day of traveling. Whether it is a short flight or a long one, dealing with people and airports just drains me! The next time I take a trip (New York Fashion Week here I come!), my plan is to pick up a few things from Lisa Hoffman to treat myself to a facial and a nice bath.


I received some samples from Lisa Hoffman’s line and that included her Spa Facial and Spa Shower packettes. I have to say, I became very smitten with Lisa Hoffman when I tried her Madagascar Orchid Variations perfume and these packettes only added to my smitteness. It’s a very smart idea and I’m all for products that make my life easier.

Each packette features single-use versions of the line’s skincare and bath products. Depending on the set, you have everything you need for a spa facial, bath or shower. These are extremely travel friendly as each ampoule is air tight so there’s no need to worry about products getting all over your bag. Plus, this is better than your average hotel toiletries, hands down.

Thanks to these packettes, I now have a full on crush on Lisa Hoffman’s Cleansing Gel and Hand and Foot Butter. I would not have tried either product otherwise. I love that this exposes you to Lisa’s other fabulous products and pampers you at the same time.  This is a great way to get your feet wet with the line as well.

Have you tried a Lisa Hoffman product? Tell us what you tried in the comments.

Lisa Hoffman Madagascar Orchid Variations

I’ve mentioned that I love perfume oils, haven’t I? If not, I’m telling you now, I absolutely love perfume oils. 🙂 They are rich and their scents last forever on the skin. That’s what it’s really all about with me. So being a perfume oil addict, this Lisa Hoffman Madagascar Orchid Variations set had me at hello.


The idea with Lisa Hoffman’s different Variations sets is that you have a fragrance hat takes you through your entire day and each fragrance has 4 variations meant to be worn in the morning, daytime, evening and at bedtime. You may be wondering “who wears perfume to bed?”, well I do. It puts me at ease and honestly, makes me feel a little glamorous. Why hasn’t anyone ever done this before? This is a genius idea, plus the presentation is fantastic. The four vial are stored in the leather wallet seen here.

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Lisa Hoffman Wants You to be Wrinkle Free!

Lisa Hoffman (wife of actor Dustin Hoffman) was frustrated when the TSA started enforcing liquid carry-on limitations. Instead of buying a box of baggies and trying to use the world’s smallest funnel to stuff moisturizer into a .015 oz jar (like I do), she created her own line of skincare products ranging from face, to body and even fragrance. I fell in love with her individual-sized tubes of spa treatments (perfect for travel) and have been raving about this line ever since.

Lisa Hoffman Day Cream with SPF 15 Now you can get your hands on this fabulous line! Simply refer a friend and follow the steps below and Lisa Hoffman will send you a free, full-sized Lisa Hoffman Day Cream with SPF 15 (a $75 value). I’ve been wearing this moisturizer all summer – it is lightweight, won’t clog pores, fragrance free, and doesn’t leave behind any residue as many SPF moisturizers do. I also love the white and silver pump packaging – it is quite elegant and actually more sanitary than many moisturizers on the market. To receive your free Lisa Hoffman Day Cream with SPF 15:

  • send an email to
  • be sure to put “Friend of Product Girl” in the subject line
  • include the name, email address, and shipping address for you, and the friend that you are referring

For every Day Cream they ship, they will include a note to your friend that says they have been personally requested to receive the complimentary Day Cream. This offer is valid while supplies last.