My New Obsession: Body Oils

New Obsession: Body Oils

Body Oils have become one of my many new obsessions during my hiatus from Product Girl. I was never a body oil kind of girl, the idea of slathering myself in any kind of oil was completely unappealing… which is odd when I consider how much I love perfume oils! One day I was in a pinch and wanted a big dose of moisture to pamper my skin with and reached for a gift with purchase from the Jo Malone counter, my beloved Nectarine Blossom & Honey in Bath Oil form. I was instantly hooked and wondered why I didn’t try this before. It was one of those “D’oh!” moments. 😉

Besides leaving my skin super soft and glowing, I realized that the scent that lingers on my skin long after the oil has absorbed lasts practically all day. I do not need to layer on any additional scents to get all day wear. I’ve been a hardcore layering girl for some time now so using one product to scent my skin was a revelation. And a nice added bonus? Using a body oil right before bed also scents your linens. I can’t tell you how much I love getting into bed at night now, I lay my head on my pillow and I can smell Amazing Grace on my sheets. Even doctor’s such as Dr. Angelo Cuzalina recommend oils at night because your body has the most time to fully absorb the moisturizing benefits with no chance of having it be washed/wiped off.

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Jo Malone London Blooms: An Official/Unofficial Note Breakdown

Jo Malone’s ‘London Blooms’ collection, officially launching in  March, is just as pretty in person as it is in these campaign images. Maybe even more so. Over the weekend, I stopped into Saks and London Blooms was out early for Beauty Week. I had so much fun getting to know each of these scents a little more. A fragrance expert, I am not, but I’m starting to get a better understanding of how certain notes react on my skin. And what I think I like might not always be what works with my body’s chemistry. So with that, the official description and what my nose detects (in a very unofficial way).

Wild Lilac & Rhubarb. A daring juxtaposition, this cologne’s tart, vibrant rhubarb cuts through the soft lilac, rose and sun-loving heliotrope.
Laurie’s unofficial take: This opens up sweet, and I detect the rose. Love it. Also, what does heliotrope smell like?

Peony & Moss. A cologne contrasting the dainty and the dirty. Its gossamer lightness of delicate peonies is grounded in earthy green.
Laurie’s unofficial take: Oh my gosh, I love peonies. But wow, this is pretty powdery. Lasted on my right wrist all day.

Iris & Lady Moore. A mingling between spicy-fresh, common or garden geraniums and noble iris, this cologne is powdery and poised. Brought together on a dry-grass base of vetiver.
Laurie’s unofficial take: I don’t detect much powder, but it does have a musky smell. The spice is kind of strong.

As a whole, I love the earthy grit in this collection. I really thought that I would be a Peony & Moss girl, but it was Wild Lilac & Rhubarb that smelled heavenly on my skin. Now that I discovered the London Bloom for me, I will be investing in one of those gorgeous bottles.

Lovin' It: Jo Malone Wild Bluebell

I’ve gotten myself into a total fragrance routine. Some may call it a rut, but I don’t like the negative connotation that comes along with that word, simply because my routine of wearing Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia nearly every day is a pleasant one!  But that routine has all but disappeared as of late because I’m totally hooked on Jo Malone’s newest frag, Wild Bluebell.

Wild Bluebell is nothing like I thought it would be. When I heard floral notes, I assumed it would be too field-o-flowers for me. Not the case. It’s the perfect balance of floral and fruit, and like all Jo Malone fragrances, has a few surprises. I don’t claim to have the sophisticated frago note-detectors, but I notice how dynamic Wild Bluebell is from when I first spray to how it settles on the skin. It’s just lovely – so fresh and dewy. I’d say it’s a more delicate scent, but the lasting power is decent.  For a more detailed breakdown of the notes, visit the London MakeUp Girl – her review is great!

I picked this up at Nordstrom, but Saks Beauty Week is coming soon. So if you are interested in trying this, do it then and get some goodies!

Coveting: Jo Malone Vitamin E Body Scrub

Right now I am coveting this Jo Malone Vitamin E Body Scrub but I will not give in to its $80 price tag easily. I’m going to need a lot of sweet talking before I give in because that’s a lot of dough! That said, I really am liking this body scrub. It’s part of Jo Malone’s Vitamin E line that she recently introduced and also includes a body balm, lip conditioner, hand treatment and vitamin E gel… all equally spendy for what they are.

This scrub would be perfect to whip dry winter skin into shape for spring and summer. I picked up a few little sample pots to try during Nordstrom’s Spring Trend Show last week (have you been to your store’s show yet?) and just those little morsels of goodness were enough to make me obsess over this product. The grains in this scrub are not harsh or abrasive but tough enough to slough away all that dead, dry winter skin. Plus it’s super moisturizing with its oil trifecta of wheat germ, sweet almond oil and apricot kernel. There is also calendula it in which is known for its soothing properties.

What do you think? Would you drop $80 on this? If I was a hardcore Jo Malone gal, I probably would but I’m not quite ready to spend this munch on a body scrub. I will dream about it though.

Best of 2010: Our Favorite Bath, Body and Perfume Products

To wrap up our favorites of the past year, we’re going to take a look at a few of our favorite perfumes and bath and body products.

Korres Melon Shower Gel – This was a summer favorite of ours for its enchanting scent but stuck around as a favorite because of the formula. It’s packed with the good stuff, like aloe and vitamins A and E, and feels great on skin.

EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream – We’d all but abandoned shave cream until this wonder product from EOS came along. Admittedly, the packaging piqued our interest, but what’s inside is even better. It’s more like a shaving lotion and can be used wet or dry, irritation-free. Love this stuff!

Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia – Inspired by a walk in the orchard, this fragrance is so natural and inviting. It doesn’t reek of fruit either, it really strikes the perfect balance with every note. Laurie really has a true “product man” in her life — this fragrance was an anniversary gift from her husband in September.

Donna Karan IrisThis perfume was my summertime friend. It is fresh and vibrant and just all around a beautiful floral fragrance. Can I just say this? When it comes to fragrance, Donna Karan rarely gets it wrong.

Chloe Intense – Chloe released a few different perfumes last year but my favorite was an ramped version of their original Chloe perfume. I wrote about it back in April, I loved it then and I love it now even more in the winter. This rose note fragrance is so alluring and makes this gal feel a little more refined when she wears it.

Philosophy Eternal Grace – It was bound to happen… another “grace” scent from Philosophy. Eternal Grace goes in a different direction that the other fragrances in the series, this one has some citrus notes to it making it fresh and lighter than the others but still has some of that “grace” core that we have come to know and love… it is new but still familiar like an old friend.

What were your favorites perfumes and bath and body products from last year?

What's New in Beauty: August 15, 2010

Jo Malone introduced a new scent – English Pear & Freesia – inspired by a walk in the orchard. Every note sounds divine!

There’s a new liquid lipstick in town, courtesy of Korres. The Raspberry Antioxidant Liquid Lipstick is available in five, high-pigment shades and contains raspberry and pomegranate extracts and certified organic acai palm pulp oil.

Winging it tonight: Benefit launched a liquid liner called Magic Ink. You can see it in action on Secret Life of a Benefit Gal, the company’s blog.

Nordstrom is running a 12-piece gift with purchase with any $100 purchase. We’re digging the bag – always a sucker for a great makeup bag.

Make Up For Ever’s Rouge Artist Intense is formulated with 50 percent more pigment than traditional lipstick – and it was released in 50 (yes 5-0) shades and three finishes, from matte to pearly to satin.

Tarte Cosmetics is now available at Ulta. This excites us very much – another place to access a brand we heart.

In sustainable packaging news:  Procter & Gamble will begin using renewable sugarcane-derived plastic in select Pantene, Cover Girl and Max Factor products next year. (via Environmental Leader)

Summer Beauty: Fresh & Light Perfumes

I’m sure I’m not alone here but usually in the summer, I reach for my lighter fruit and citrus note based perfumes. There’s just something about a clean fresh fragrance in the summertime that makes everything better. Sometimes all I need is just to smell one of these fragrances on my skin to feel better when it’s hot and muggy outside… which granted hasn’t been that often here in Seattle this but nonetheless, it is about freshness for me this summer and these fragrances fit the bill.

I’ve already told you about Dior’s Escale Aux Marquises, it’s my current tropical floral escape fragrance. If you like your summer fragrances to be more on the floral side of things, I bet you’ll like this one.  The notes of blood orange, tiare flower, pink pepper and vanilla create a beautiful breezy bouquet.

Last year I was looking for suggestions for a new summer fragrance and turned to Twitter for ideas. God Bless Heather Park (check out her new website) for suggesting Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne, we have been inseparable ever since. This is now one of my favorite fragrances of all time. When you first smell it’s beautiful nectarine notes, it’s like biting into a fresh, ripe nectarine. It’s mouth watering with notes of  nectarine, peach, plum and blackcurrant. I am complimented almost every time I wear it and I have even been known to spritz it on for a little pick me… it’s just a happy scent.

Pacifica’s Malibu Lemon Blossom Spray Perfume is another happy scent I’m loving this summer. I’m love it so much that I’ve picked up the Lemon Blossom soap, body butter and candles to layer and fill my life with the scent. Imagine a soapy lemon scent with a touch of salt and lemon blossom thrown in, that’s Malibu Lemon Blossom. It is a unique and long lasting scent that wears all day.

I received a sample of Orange Sapphire from Bath & Body Works back in May when I was in New York. I smelled it at the time and liked it but didn’t love it until I discovered the bottle among some of my makeup after I moved last month. As the name suggest, there’s definitely some orange to this fragrance but there are also some floral and darker notes in it as well. The result is a very clean, refreshing fragrance that almost crosses into unisex territory.

What are your favorite warm weather perfumes? Leave a comment and tell us what you’re wearing these days.

Shop Pink: Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne and Bath Oil

Does the smell of roses make you go weak in the knees? The scent definitely does that to me. I even reach for my rose scented products more often than the other products I use on a regular basis. This makes Jo Malone’s Red Roses Cologne and Bath Oil a no-brainer for me. I’ve been wearing this scent to bed every night since I got it.

The company is donating $15,000 to Breast Cancer Research Foundation in connection with the purchases of these two products. The Red Roses Cologne is available in 1 fl. oz. and 3.4 fl. oz. sizes for $55 and $100. Then the Red Roses Bath Oil is available in  8.5 fl. oz. size for $60.

You can find these products at select Nordstrom, select Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Jo Malone boutiques and of course online.

I Met Jo Malone

Well, not quite. I actually got acquainted with Jo Malone’s fragrances for the first time. One of the other changes to my local Nordstrom’s also includes a new Jo Malone mini-boutique and it’s worth a look.

Jo The downtown Seattle Nordstrom’s Jo Malone boutique is very easy on the eyes. There are rows of products lined across the shelves and then a table where all of the perfumes are lined up for you to take in. With a bowl of test strips in front of us, we started going through event fragrance on the table and I found a favorite, it’s Jo Malone’s French Lime Blossom Cologne. It’s a sweet floral fragrance with notes of lime blossom, bergamot and tarragon weaved together, inspired by a walk along the Champs Élysées in Paris. I’ve been wearing this fragrance since Sunday and it has good lasting power, I’m in love. I guess La J-Lo and I have something in common now, we both love this scent.

If you’re in the Seattle area, go downtown and check out Jo Malone’s boutique. The SA’s are super helpful and won’t mind if you ask them for samples. smile