Hog Wash

I have not used a bar of soap to bathe with in what seems like years. Too messy, not moisturizing enough, etc. So when I received this bar of soap from Howling Pig, I put my boyfriend on the mission to test it out (after all, he is the bar soap king). He smelled so yummy after using it, that I had to take a stab at it.

Howling Pig Smelly Soap in Sandalwood Howling Pig Smelly Soap is made from a 100% natural soap base. It contains no detergents, alcohol or sugar. This concludes me to believe that it isn’t as drying as other soap bars tend to be. After a couple of uses though, my skin still needed to be moisturized with a lotion (which are available on their website too). Although my skin wasn’t as tight and dry feeling, I am not sure I would give up my not so drying body wash and switch to bar soap. What I would do though, is display them in a guest bathroom because they are very cute and smell delish! I tried the sandlewood scent, which gives off a sweet, woodsy, sensual aroma and it stayed on forever. I would also use them as gifts for friends, host/hostess treats and the like.