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Beauty VIP of the Week: GO Smile Speed Whitening System

A lot can change in just four days. For example, in Chicago, the temperatures early in the week were in the 90s, approaching triple digits. Then on Thursday, they plummeted nearly 40 degrees. Not a fan of either extreme. Another example: In just four days of this week, I whitened my teeth to about eight times brighter. This, I’m a fan of. GO Smile’s Four-Day Speed Whitening System is by far the most-effective teeth whitening system that I’ve ever used. And it’s unbelievably easy, and pain-free.

I’ve got no patience for the trays they fit you for at the dentist (not to mention they’re hundreds of dollars), and I definitely didn’t have patience for the circa five years ago Whitestrips on the market (as evidenced by the half open box I eventually had to toss out after it had expired). Which, until now, had been the extent of my whitening experiences. So yes, a twice daily treatment over four days is my style – and the results were practically instantaneous. A true Beauty VIP!

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Flavor of the Month: Apple

Happy Halloween everyone! This is a favorite holiday of ours — it epitomizes fall, the best time of the year, and there’s candy and trick or treaters. I also like to dress my dog up, which on any other day makes me seem like a crazy dog lady but is totally normal on Halloween. All month long, I’ve been looking forward to this day. Pumpkins, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin seeds and caramel apples. I love a good caramel apple! So much so that apple is the Product Girl Flavor of the Month for October. Here’s a few products we’ve been loving.

  • Philosophy Bobbing for Apples Set – If you are an apple lover, this is where it’s at. Each scent — Green, Red and Caramel Apple — are spot on for the real thing. I literally take a bubble bath almost every night (I know, I’m practically asking for dry skin) and have been loving this trio. It’s a great deal too at $25.
  • Slatkin & Co. Autumn Apple Candle – What’s a bubble bath like without candles? Obviously, I need to set the mood for relaxation! These Slatkin & Co. candles are my favorite because they burn evenly and smell heavenly.
  • Garnier Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam – This cleanser, which contains apple water extract, is a fast favorite for me. I love foaming cleansers but they can be drying sometimes — this isn’t, at all. Plus, for $6 you get an extraordinary amount of product and a very deep clean. And using it with the Clarisonic feels amazing!
  • GO SMiLE Green Apple Toothpaste – Do you ever stray from the traditional mint toothpaste? Well, you should. Carla’s been testing GO SMiLE’s Green Apple version and is enjoying the crisp apple flavor. It’s like a surprise when you brush your teeth!
  • Tarte Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer Tarte’s Smooth Operator is my kind of tinted moisturizer. It’s a bit thicker but still lightweight and is incredibly moisturizing. I often bust this out once the weather turns cold because it helps soothe my skin from wind and elements. That’s the apple extract doing its job!
  • Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment – You all know how much I love Josie Maran’s Argan Oil — well I love this too! It’s got natural green apple flavors and it actually treats your lips. It’s perfect for overnight so you wake up with soft, lush lips!

There’s our apple picks — any of your own to share?

GO Smile Touch Up with Carrying Case


I have to admit that I didn’t get what all the fuss was about with GO Smile at first. I tend not to pay attention to directions and when I have had a sample in my hands from purchases here and there, I didn’t know what to do with it. Stupid, right? Now that I have finally slowed down enough to actually read through the instructions and tried GO Smile, I am hooked. Now that I want more of them, I thought these Go Smile Touch Ups with Carrying Case would perfect to keep in my handbag.

The idea behind GO Smile’s Touch Ups is simple, pop an ampoule after eating or drinking to help keep stains off your teeth and to freshen your breath. They originally came in a Fresh Mint flavor but earlier this year Green Apple and Watermelon Mint (this is the flavor I tried) were introduced. The flavor wasn’t overwhelming, although not my favorite, it definitely did the job. I think I may actually pick up the original Fresh Mint this time. What I liked most about it though was the felt tip not only applies the product to teeth but it helps clean them.  As a former smoker (almost 1 year now!) I’m constantly obsessing about how my teeth feel and having something like this to help keep them clean eases my mind… and it doesn’t seem as wasteful as other on-the-go products.

Have you tried GO Smile Touch Ups? Now I’m curious about the whitening system. What did you think? What’s your favorite flavor? Let us know in the comments.