Last Minute Holiday Gifts: The Minis

I am always a last minute shopper when it comes to holiday gifts. I still have a few more gifts to buy tonight so if you’re like me, I thought I’d give you some last minute shopping ideas. I always love the mini sets we see around the holidays, they just call to me. Aren’t they cute? You can find all of these sets in stores now.

Sephora by OPI Eighteen Piece Mini Nail Colour Set – Sephora by OPI has been putting out some interesting colors each season this year and this set is just the icing on the cake of a great year of color. There are enough colors in this set to please just about anyone… you have basic shades and more daring shades all in one set. It’s my favorite mini set of the season.

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Fresh Pout

Fusion Beauty Full Out Pout Set On a recent trip to Nordstrom’s, I was stopped and asked if I wanted to try Fusion Beauty’s new lip plumping lip color and gloss. Being a Fusion Beauty newbie, I said yes. The sales assistant went on to apply LipFusion Color Shine in Fresh on top of a layer of LipFusion Lip Plumping Pencil in Pout. I was really happy with the results, the color was very soft and neutral but with a megawatt shine. I loved the color but I wasn’t so crazy about the price. At $28 for the lip pencil and $38 for the lipgloss, the price was an instant turn off. It was sad but I walked away from this new love. Imagine my surprise when I’m looking through Sephora and I see the exact shades I tried in a set for a much better price. Sephora now has the Full Out Pout Set for $49. It’s still not a bargain but it’s a much more wallet friendly price.