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Just Another Mani Monday: Essie Mint Candy Apple

It’s the last Monday in August! Which means it’s practically fall. And that I’m going to the dark side (of nail colors) soon. So I chose the brightest, most fantastic pastel for this August send-off: Essie Mint Candy Apple. It had such a great summer, don’t you think? Everywhere I looked, be it in the office or on the train, this color graced the fingertips of many a women. And today, it’s practically a permanent accessory to my on-the-go coffee mug. Definitely one of those days that even loads of caffeine can’t save. Is it just me or is it already way too dark in the morning? Summer really is wrapping up!

What are you wearing on your nails on this last week of August?

Don't Let Summer Go Without Essie Resort 2011 Collection

Admittedly, I got quite distracted with Essie’s Braziliant Summer Collection. But for good reason – it was amazing. I’ve been obsessively wearing Too Too Hot on my toes and I’m still enchanted by the sparkly blue Smooth Sailing. Somewhere in that obsession, Essie Resort 2011 slipped right by me. But on the bright side, I’ve found a few new favorites that are carrying me right into fall. Take my word for it, do not let this collection pass you by.

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(Not) Just Another Mani Monday: Essie Too Too Hot

Happy 4th of July! It’s not just any Mani Monday today — it’s a holiday Mani Monday. So I embraced the most festive, perfect summer red in honor of Independce Day: Essie Too Too Hot. The name is so right for this polish, because it is hot. It’s a spot-on summer red with equal parts coral and strawberry. It reminds me of a juicy popsicle and even though it’s opaque it does not feel heavy in the least.

Too Too Hot, in the sun

I haven’t come across a color from Essie’s Summer 2011 collection that hasn’t been a home run. First Braziliant, then Smooth Sailing and now Too Too Hot. I’ll be basking in the summer nails for awhile, fall can wait! Happy 4th of July all, have a great holiday!

Just Another Mani Monday: Essie Smooth Sailing

Choosing my nail polish this week was a breeze. I went with Essie’s Smooth Sailing, a lavender blue with pearl sparkles, part of Essie’s Braziliant collection. This color really is an accurate mash-up of lavender and blue, and the sparkles give it a playful feel. Tomorrow is the official first day of summer, and what is more summery than blue nails? Perhaps coral, which is what has been gracing my toenails for weeks. I really love the Braziliant collection, and if you haven’t seen it yet, do so before fall starts making its way to stores!

What’s everyone wearing this Mani Monday? Do tell in the comments!

Just Another Mani Monday: Essie Braziliant

Essie’s new color collection for summer 2011 is nothing short of Braziliant. And the namesake color of the collection, Braziliant, is gracing my tips this week. It’s a hot orange – really, the picture doesn’t quite do its boldness justice – with a touch of shimmer. It has a beautiful pearl finish and is very unique as far as oranges go. It’s a perfect color for summer and is really complementing my faux, self-tanned skin right now.

Generally, there are one or two colors in a collection that stand out, but I’ve got to say that every shade in Braziliant is blowing me away!

  • Super Bossa Nova – an upbeat bright fuchsia
  • Absolutely Shore – a soft, sea foam green
  • Smooth Sailing – a breezy, lavender blue with a reflection of pearl
  • Too Too Hot – a sizzling, rich red coral
  • Meet Me At Sunset – a vibrant, deep orange

What’s catching your eye from Essie’s Braziliant collection? And what are you sporting on your nails this week?

Just Another Mani Monday: Essie Topless and Barefoot

It’s an Essie French Affair this spring, and this week’s mani features “Topless and Barefoot” from the collection. One of three neutrals in the collection, Topless and Barefoot is a sandy peach that is surprisingly bright for being a neutral. The peach really stands out against my skin tone and in indoor fluorescent lighting it doesn’t feel so neutral. That said, I do like this shade but I wish it were a little more sheer. It’s a pretty thick polish that absolutely needs more than one coat, so for me it sort of lost that “topless and barefoot” feel.

Overall, I think this collection has a few s(t)and-out shades. Sand Tropez is my kind of netural, and I can’t wait until spring weather to break out Coat Azure. What does everyone else think of Essie’s French Affair?

Just Another Mani Monday: Essie Limited Addiction

One of the colors I liked most from Essie’s Fall 2010 collection was this stunning red, Limited Addiction. It’s a really deep garnet red that is super sexy on the nails! I’ve worn this many times on my nails but am absolutely loving it on my toes too. I think Limited Addiction has legendary potential as far as reds go — much like the brand’s Fishnet Stockings polish. What makes a legendary red? For me, it’s ease of application and timeless-ness of color. This goes on beautifully, a vibrant creme in two coats and this is the kind of red that is always in style.

While we’re on the subject, what are your favorite [legendary] reds? And have you tried Limited Addiction?

Best of 2010: Our Favorite Nail Colors

Our recap of the Best of 2010 continues with our favorite nail polishes of 2010. We were all over the board last year — glitters, smooth neutrals, bold colors, pastels. There were many amazing polishes and collections, and here are the ones that stood out the most to us.

Essie’s Resort Collection transported us to a five-star resort in the tropics with shades like “Turquoise and Caicos” and “Lapis of Luxury.” We loved every single one of these polishes, and the inclusion of the cement-like neutral Playa Del Platinum was like the tie that binds.

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Just Another Mani Monday: Essie Silken Cord

Hi everyone, happy holiday party week! Chances are, if you are attending a holiday party, it’s this week, so hence: holiday party week! In honor of this scientifically made-up week, I’m wearing the festive Essie Silken Cord from her 2010 Winter Collection. This “risque” red complements the outfit I’m planning on wearing to my company’s holiday party perfectly. But don’t be mistaken, the outfit is anything but risque. Just the nails folks, just the polish!

Silken Cord was included as part of Essie’s Winter Collection mini 4-pack, joined by another fave of mine: Masquerade Belle. With the subzero wind chills and dry air, I’ll be spending the rest of the week moisturizing the heck out of my cuticles!

What’s everyone else sporting on their nails this week? And indulge me….are you attending a holiday party?

Just Another Mani Monday: Essie Velvet Voyeur

Every color from Essie’s Fall 2010 Collection has “wowed” me — especially this week’s mani: Velvet Voyeur. It’s described as an “intense chocolate amethyst” and it’s a very comforting shade. I’ve been gravitating towards deeper shades this month, and this one especially feels the most fall-like to me. It also seems to trigger my sweet tooth. Yeah, that’s just an excuse – I know! But it’s less chocolate amethyst and more chocolate cherry,  a combination I find delicious.

What’s everyone else wearing on their nails this week? And how’s your fall going so far?