Essence Colour & Go Grey-t to be Here

Essence Colour & Go Grey-t to be Here

Every time I see an Essence display in my local drugstore beauty isle, something takes over me and I am possessed with this need to buy everything in sight. Essence may be one of the most underrated drugstore brands out there and I think that needs to come to an end…now! Yesterday I exhibited some self-restraint and only walked away with a few nail polishes and some nail art tools, this Essence Colour & Go nail polish in Grey-t to be Here being one of them. At just $1.99 a bottle, I couldn’t pass them up.

Grey-t to be Here is a blue-ish grey with copper micro glitter that peeks out in the sunlight. The formula is thin and very easy to work with, this is thanks in part to the wide brush that helps spread the well pigmented shade easily. Two thin coats gave me bottle color and dried pretty quickly without surface texture. It looks as though it has a bit of texture and gives a moderate amount of shine, but using your favorite top coat helps with that.

I love this shade and am already planning a little nail art to play off of the copper in this shade, maybe a little OPI Casino Royale chevron action on the tips. A little FYI, Essence has great nail art tools if you’re just starting to play with nail art like I am. Stripping brush? Check. Peel off base coat? Check!

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Ten or Less: Essence Studio Nails Fashion Stickers

I’m super cheap when it comes to drugstore hauls. At Sephora I have no problem spending $10 or less on something and would even deem it a steal and get more than one  but in a drugstore, it seems expensive to me. I know, my logic is not sound at all. This is what has kept me away from the Sally Hansen strips. When I found these Essence Studio Nails Nail Fashion Stickers at Ulta, I thought I had a huge discovery on my hands…

At first I thought “how can you say no to these stickers?” The price is just too good at $2.49 a package so I picked up a few of these. Granted, the designs are not as cute as Sally Hansen’s but there are a few designs that I wouldn’t mind wearing. I picked up a lace design and this zebra design you see here. The moment I opened the package I knew that there were in no shape or form comparable to Sally Hansen’s.

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