Ellis Faas 101: Lip Color

Ever since I discovered the Ellis Faas counter at Bergdorf Goodman earlier this year, I’ve been obsessed with the line. The concept is brilliant, the packaging is sleek and definitely unique and finally, the product itself is fantastic. I started out with a couple products and now I have at least a few pieces in each formulation Ellis Faas produces for lips, eyes and cheeks.

During the coming week, I’m going to cover the line’s products for lips, eyes and cheeks with swatches starting with lip color. I find myself reaching for Ellis Faas L207 more and more often, it is my go-to lip color right now and I receive compliments on it left and right when I wear it. Because I love it so much, I want to tell you all about as well as show you some swatches of the shades I have just in case you’re inspired to try a piece from the line… which you totally should be. 🙂

Ellis Faas has three formulas to choose from: Creamy, Milky and Glazed, all three are really well pigmented and long lasting. Each formula has 9 shades with the most well known shade in the Ellis Faas line, a gorgeous blood red named Ellis Red, that comes in each formula. The lip color retails for $35.

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Beauty Line You Need to Know: Ellis Faas

To say that I like the Ellis Faas line is a bit of an understatement… I am completely in love and obsessed with this line. From the moment I set foot in Bergdorf Goodman’s last week and stepped up to the Ellis Faas counter, it was as if I was in a strange, new but fascinating land that I didn’t want to leave. The Ellis Faas is the most unique beauty line I’ve come across in awhile. From line’s the concept to the packing itself, it is brilliant.

The line believes that the most obvious and natural way to enhance beauty is to do it with colors that are already in the human body. That is how the Ellis Faas line began, a line of “human colors”, colors that are found naturally in or under the skin. For example, if you had a bruise, the color of the blood under the skin would be purple and that is a color found in this line. It may seem a little dark but I find it to be interesting.

Then comes the packaging, this is what drew me in to the counter in the first place. For the most part, the products come in these sleek silver pens with a pointed tip that look like elongated bullets, which was the idea behind the design. The one exception to this packaging is the pressed powder, that comes in it’s own unique packaging. Otherwise everything else comes in the same silver elongated bullet like pen. Inside you may have different tips but the shape is basically the same throughout, even with mascara and foundation. I love how industrial chic it is.

There is also an Ellis Holder to house all your Ellis Faas favorites and it has a surprise inside. This too was inspired by a gun. It holds foundation in the middle and 6 other projects of your choosing. If you twist a portion of the holder, each “bullet” in the chamber rises up for you to use. The surprise in the packaging is the pressed powder and mirror in the cap. Clever, is it not?

I’ll be going into the products more in depth soon but for now, I wanted to peak your curiosity and tell you a little bit about this line. I picked up a couple lip colors and an eyeshadow and I am loving them so far, I’ll tell you all about them soon.

Have you tried the Ellis Faas line? If so, I want to hear all about it. Let’s discuss our love of Ellis Faas.