Like Yoga in Scrub Form: DIRT Relax + Reign Mandarin Red Tea

After getting a little taste of DIRT earlier this summer (literally), I have a new fondness for the luxury body care brand that also calls Chicago its home. DIRT scrubs don’t just exfoliate, they seem to help aid in obtaining that inner peace I seek at the end of long stressful days. The formulas are rich in natural food-y ingredients and leave skin glowing and moisturized. DIRT is worth the splurge. Which is why I’m giddy with excitement over DIRT’s brand new offering, Relax + Reign Mandarin Red Tea Salt Scrub.

DIRT orchestrated Relax + Reign to inspire balance and encourage meditation. It’s like yoga in scrub form, basically. The texture is slightly creamy with fine salt, orange peel, shea butter, vitamin E and essential and botanical oils, and it smells of mandarin red tea and ginger.

If Relax + Reign is what you seek, you can snag it for 20% off through Friday, October 26 at midnight with code YR2 online. That code goes for all scrubs!

Good Enough to Eat? DIRT Purify + Glow Scrub

We’ve been known to say a product is “good enough to eat” and in many cases, that statement could be true. But rarely do I actually eat my products. Hmm. First time for everything right? More like a lick, but yeah, I went there. Twice.  And I liked it, too. The product that had me feeling like dinner? None other than DIRT Purify + Glow Salt Scrub. Try it, and I dare you to resist indulging in a tiny taste yourself.  In my defense, I am a total Na- fiend, known for drinking margaritas JUST so I can have a salt fix.

Unlike a sugar scrub, which I’m often partial to, this delicious (um…literally) salt-based exfoliant has a fine gritty texture that seems to melt dead skin cells off of skin in a second. Using this scrub gives me so much enjoyment. It’s luxe to the core and feels like total therapy for the body. A medley of French sea salts, shea butter, vitamin E, grapeseed, jojoba and avocado oils blended with scents of cucumber, pear and fig. Can it get any better than that?

I love this so much that I don’t even wince at the price — $45 for a 12 oz. tub. (My husband just choked while reading.)  Even holding this tub into my hands feels special. It weighs a ton, and is so fancy I’ve designated it for bath time only. I keep it on the side of my tub on display and use it about 1-2 a week. After rinsing away the salt, skin is hydrated in a rich oil with a smell so unique. The pear hits you, but the cucumber and fig give it a special edge that is not at all fruity.

DIRT is luxury, inside and out. And it has a special place in my heart for being born in Chicago. The team behind DIRT believes products should inspire health and wholeness within, and developed DIRT to be more than skin deep. Everything is Mother Nature-inspired and nutrient-rich! All of DIRT’s body exfoliants are as divine as Purfiy + Glow. But after seeing the range, I can confirm that it is the one you need. Other highlights in the line inclue a detox formula (Purge + Thrive) with kiwi seeds and a lavender mint aroma, an energizing variety (Peace + Power) that uses corn cob grit to exfoliate and a relaxation sugar scrub (Sweet + Spicy) that smells of vanilla and sandalwood. With mission statements like those, it’s hard not to love every single one.