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Diorshow Brow Styler: The Ultimate Groomer

If you were ever to say, visit my mom and dad’s house and sift through old family albums, you would come across some old goodies of me and the most forlorn set of eyebrows. We’re talking colicky, grown-out, never plucked or groomed and about five shades darker than my haircolor — a light brown. Over the years, I course corrected and now brow upkeep is as routine as brushing my teeth. It’s really that essential for me.


That said, I’m always on the lookout for a product that is a great color match and easy to apply. I mean, the last thing you want is visibly filled in brows. My latest love is the Diorshow Brow Styler. I’ve been using this for about 3 weeks and it has exceeded my expectations. It’s an ultra-thin retractable pencil that is virtually impossible to mess up. One the other side is a spooly brush which is so convenient to help smooth and groom.

It’s perfect for my dark brown eyebrows, but this shade is universal so any brow of any color can pull it off. Don’t believe me? I didn’t either, as universal claims often lead me down a path of skepticism. But I conducted an experiment to see if it was legit. My coworker and friend, a fair-skinned redhead with barely there strawberry-blonde eyebrows, let me try it out on her. She never fills in her brows but was curious to see and amazingly, it brightened them up and made them more defined. No visible lines, no brown – just a great pair of brows. I think the trick is to apply with a light hand and utilize the spooly brush.

Disclosure: a product sample was received for this review.

Dior Cristal Boreal – 18th Century Glam is Back!

Dior consistently puts out the prettiest collections. Just beautiful, pretty makeup. Their holiday collection, Cristal Boreal, is the perfect example.  Cristal Boreal is influenced by 18th Century King Louis XVI style – think corseted gowns, decorative broaches ala Marie Antoinette. The dominant colors in this collection are silver and a wide range of purple. As I was saying, pretty!

There are so many standout, stand-alone items in this collection that caught my eye (and unfortunately, my wallet intervened before things got out of hand!) Hands down, the best Dior quint I have ever encountered (yes, I mean that) is the Smoky Crystal quint featured in this collection. These shadows are so pigmented and smooth and the colors range from a soft lilacy-pink to gunmental grays, soft silver and a beautiful taupe. I bought this during Sephora’s Friends & Family sale and it’s one of my favorite makeup purchases this year!

Also a Sephora exclusive is the Silver-Purple nail polish – sadly, it’s no longer in stock online. This is a very interesting color and I can’t say I’ve seen this before. It’s a unique polish, so if you were able to get it while in-stock consider yourself lucky! We also have the Cristal Boreal Eyeshadow in Silver Gem – which rivals the gorgeous texture and pigment of the Smoky Crystal quint. It’s so pretty but this is one case where my wallet gave me pause. I love Dior’s singles – but at $30 it’s definitely a major splurge!

And speaking of splurges and wallet interventions, we have the ever so pretty Cristal Boreal Gloss Pendant. I first saw this in September at the Nordstrom Fall Trend show in Chicago around the neck of the Dior rep. Literally, I thought women were going to snatch it right off her neck as she was presenting! This baby is blinged out with 52 Swarovski crystals and holds a pink crystal gloss inside. But at $80, this is a major splurge. It’s also majorly pretty, but my wallet wasn’t so interested in hearing that:)

Dior also released some holiday palettes that I think would make a great gift. At $40 apiece, these are a great idea if you’re looking to gift a little glamour to any gals in your life.


What are your thoughts on Cristal Boreal? Did you splurge on any of it, inquiring minds want to know!

Be A Dior Diva

Adore Dior From now until September 25th, Dior is having 7 exclusive auctions for their Dior Divas. As a Dior Diva you have the chance to bid on a different auctions including a couture Dior makeup bag filled with their cosmetics, a one-on-one lunch with Pamela Baxter (Dior USA’s CEO) and a shopping spree and private lesson with Dior’s top artist Ricky Wilson. This benefits Look Good, Feel Better, a program that helps women look and feel their best during chemotherapy treatment. Check out these videos featuring Pamela Baxter and Ricky Wilson in action.

Good luck with your bidding!

Dior Pure Poison

Alas, so many blue nail polishes, so little manicure time. As of late there have been OPI Russian Navy, OPI Yoga-ta Get this Blue, Chanel Blue Satin and now the latest – Dior Vernis Long Wearing Nail Lacquer in Poison Blue.

Dior Vernis Long-Wearing Nail Lacquer This polish is inspired by the legendary Dior Midnight Poison Fragrance. I love the look of a dark blue nail – it’s all Goth and chic at the same time. This color is a bit darker than the others with no shimmer. (One coat = midnight blue, Two coats=almost black in certain lights). In comparison to Chanel’s Blue Satin, it’s more of a midnight blue-black shade whereas Blue Satin is a dark blue that contains shimmer. As far as how it holds up, I have read numerous reviews and the consensus is it that it holds up well. As much as I love Chanel and its covet-worthy colors, the polish is not the greatest quality and tends to chip after 2-3 days. Dior however, lasted a good 5 days, until my nail bed started to grow out.

I was very impressed with the quality of this nail polish, having never used Dior polish before and at $19/bottle, it’s the same price as Chanel. The beauty of the Dior polish is that its only available in Europe, but for a limited amount of time, you can scoop it up at As for which one to choose, OPI’s color(s) are hands down the best deal of the bunch and the Russian Navy fits the bill perfectly. It’s a good, solid, shimmery dark blue that has staying power and goes on with a brush your manicurist will love.