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Roses to the Rescue

This past winter was a rough one: cold, dry and, well, cold and dry! My skin suffered like it’s never suffered before. Dry, scaly patches on my face and arms. It felt as though my skin was about 2 sizes too small from December to April. I went through lotion after lotion, trying anything that anyone promised would make my skin feel soft and hydrated. By the time Carla handed me a bottle of DHC Rose Treatment Oil, I wasn’t even reading labels. I slathered first, checked it out later.

DHC Rose Treatment Oil DHC’s skincare line is based upon the moisturizing and cleansing properties of olive oil. Their Rose Treatment Oil combines olive oil with aloe, mulberry and Bulgarian damask rose to revitalize, moisturize and soften skin. This light oil feels like a spa treatment – the , fresh rose scent; the way the oil sinks into the skin and instantly perks it right up. I use it on my face before putting on moisturizer, and occasionally apply it to my feet, elbows, anywhere that needs some extra TLC.

Now that the sun has come out and temperatures are on the rise, I wondered if I would have to retire my Rose Treatment Oil to the back of my beauty shelf. Would the oil suddenly be too much now that my skin is no longer chronically parched? Happily, no. It seems to have adapted to the changes in my skin’s moisture level and is still part of my skincare routine. My face is clear and softer than it’s ever been.

Refine Your Skin

Women do a lot of things in the name of beauty that might otherwise seem crazy: burning off the top layer of skin to reveal smoother, undamaged skin underneath; mixing up homemade remedies to lighten freckles, treat acne, or improve radiance; or slathering on any number of creams and lotions to moisturize. So it was with a sense of adventure and a dubious, “Well, I’ll give it a try,” attitude that I started using DHC Olive Virgin Oil on my face.

DHC is the Japanese equivalent of Avon- a line of products that are sold primarily online and from a catalog. The company’s product line is founded on the natural benefits of olive oil. According to DHC, those benefits include neutralizing free radicals, creating a moisture barrier against the elements without clogging pores, and helping your skin naturally regulate moisture levels.

DHC Olive Virgin Oil Olive Virgin Oil looks exactly like, well, olive oil. According to DHC, this formula is derived of 100% certified organic Flor de Aceite which is one of the purest forms of olive oil available. According to one of my favorite sources for the real low down on beauty products, Beautypedia, there’s no difference between what you’ll find in this bottle and what is probably in your kitchen. Using olive oil as a moisturizer is not a new concept and, while I would not turn to my bottle of Bertolli brand EVOO for anything other than sauteing garlic, I somehow feel fine about the DHC Olive Virgin Oil. Go figure.

Olive Virgin Oil is recommended for all skin types, but if you’re prone to oil skin I might think twice. After cleansing, toning and moisturizing, I pump one dollop of oil onto my finger tips and then press them over my face. My cheeks are typically the driest so I concentrate the oil there. But I also smooth a little of it over my t-zone. Since that area is frequently greasy, this seemed very counter-intuitive. But instead of zits or irritation, I’m left with soft smooth skin. It looks fresh and radiant. True, it takes a few minutes for the oil to sink into my skin but that doesn’t really bother me.

If you’re looking for something to refine your skin’s texture and infuse it with a dose of moisture that lasts all day, give – DHC’s Olive Virgin Oil a try. Or save yourself the $38 and hit up your kitchen cupboard.

Soap Film isn't Always Bad

Every now and then you come across a product that is just cool in concept and design. For example DHC Q10 Facial Film Soap.

DHC Q10 Facial Film SoapThis ultra transportable travel chic invention of a face wash comes in micro thin mono-dose sheets. These are absolutely genius; you just peel back the outer packaging and melt the sheet in the palm of your hand by adding a little water, even with the outer packaging these are thinner than a playing card and about half the size. I was amazed at what a great lather you get and they leave my skin squeaky clean.

There are 40 sheets to a box, you can throw a few in your purse, travel or gym bag, glove box or back pocket with no bulk. These little cleanser sheets are definitely a great product to be toting when public bathrooms are out of soap. I also prefer these to hand sanitizer which I often find drying and with having a smaller child I feel these are a gentler option.

Not only are these an excellent multi use product but they are cheap enough to be used freely.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil One would think that removing makeup and cleansing their skin with oil would not be a good idea but it can work. This is what I discovered when I tried DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil.

This product is really easy to use: take 2 pumps of cleansing oil and apply to a dry face, spread it around to remove make and clean your skin, add water to work up a lather and rinse. It does an amazing job of getting rid of makeup, all while doing it gently. It dissolves my mascara quickly without having to rub and tug at my eyes, which I seem to have to do with other makeup removers. Afterwards, your skin does not feel oily at all. It feels soft and ready for the next step, that’s the olive oil and vitamin E in the cleansing oil hard at work.

Since I began using this, I’ve been following this product up with DHC’s Olive Virgin Oil moisturizer at night and my skin has been feeling great in the morning. The best thing is that when comparing this product to other brands, it’s comparable and it will last you forever.

Keeping it Matte

I have oily skin and after a few hours, I know it’s time to break out the blotting powder because I start getting shiny right along my t-zone. Instead of breaking out the blotting powders, how about doing something about it before applying your makeup?

DHC Matte Cream That’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately with DHC’s Matte Cream. The first time I tried this cream, I applied to half of my face. As the day wore on, I noticed that this cream really did keep my skin matte-looking, while the other half started to shine. It was only towards the end of the work day that I started developing a shine on the other side of my face. That did it for me, I decided to start wearing this cream on my entire face. Also, I really liked how my skin feels while wearing this cream. It feels supple and smooth, it doesn’t dry my skin out as I expected it to.

Touching up once versus touching up every couple hours? It wasn’t a hard decision to make so I took my blotting powder and papers out of my makeup bag.