Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Exclusives 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Exclusives unveiled earlier this month are almost coming to an end so I thought I should share my picks from the sale before it ends this weekend, the things I’m lusting over as we speak.

You probably know by now that Nordstrom does not have sales on beauty but what they do instead is offer fantastic values with sets from brands we all know and love. Some items are discounted (more on that below) but most are value priced, not to mention exclusive to Nordstrom for the time being.

Ready? Here we go!

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Just Another Mani Monday: Deborah Lippmann Ray of Light

Deborah Lippmann Ray of Light

Usually I am not a fan of blue nail polish. If you were to raid my collection, you would probably find only a few blue based shades and that is most likely because glitter is involved. I can’t help myself when it comes to glitter. When I tried on Deborah Lippmann’s Ray of Light for the first time, I couldn’t stop glancing down at the shade. A few days later I was back in Nordstrom picking up a bottle of it.

Ray of Light is described as an electrically charged indigo, the charge comes from the holographic flakes in the nail polish. The base of the polish seems to have a jelly-like finish to it and in some light appears to lean purple, which makes it all the more stunning in my opinion, but that is most likely a bit of flakes working their magic. The flakes seems to be copper most of the time but a closer look in different lighting reveals a few more shades of sparkle. The jelly aspect of this shade is probably why I like it so much, I have a thing for jellies too! Based on my bottle, the formula is a little thicker than what I’ve come to know from Deborah Lippmann. While the application seemed a little uneven due to this at first, it leveled out perfectly with a second coat of color. In this picture, I have two coats of Ray of Light on followed by a top coat of Seche Vite but you might even want to try a third coat. I didn’t see a need for this but I imagine it would only add to its richness.

It was hard to capture how gorgeous this shade is with my camera. At first glance Ray of Light appears to be one thing but it easily takes on new life as the flakes catch the light. It is one of those shades you just have to try on for yourself to appreciate… so I urge you, get to Nordstrom (or any other retailer you can see this shade at in person) and just try it on. You might just do what I did, marinate on it awhile and then go back for the bottle.

What’s on your nails this week? Tell us about it in the comments.

Just Another Mani Monday: Watermelon and Mint Nail Art

We could spend hours on Pinterest looking at nail art. There is so much cool stuff out there. We dabble here and there with layering glitters and creating a “party” nail (ring finger) but artists we are not. Then I came across this guest post on the Birchbox blog from Glitter, She Wrote about the secret weapon of nail art and felt compelled to create. The secret? SCOTCH TAPE! So simple I almost smacked myself. Before you click on over to Anna at Glitter, She Wrote, and see brilliant nail art, let’s talk about my ONE nail I’m showing you. It was the best one, so I took the liberty of sparing you the others. Although, I have every intention of sporting the imperfect mani all week. It does look pretty good from afar…

Using tape as a nail art tool is best on second day polish. I painted the bright watermelon Deborah Lippman Daytripper on Saturday and on Sunday, blocked off tape so that I could paint my tips (French manicure style) with Essie Mint Candy Apple. I chose to paint just a thin strip, but the options with tape are truly endless. I could do a grid, vertical or horizantal halves or zig zags. I had a few challenges removing the tape and it was a little uneven on a few nails even though the tape peeled off perfectly. I give myself a C+ for the final result but an A for effort! A little bit of tape is opening up a whole new world of manis for me. Will you give it a try?

Just Another Mani Monday: Deborah Lippmann Daytripper

The brighter the better for nail color is the path I’m taking this spring. Deborah Lippmann Daytripper is one of my favorite polishes, and a total must-have for spring. It’s a bright watermelon color that, when on the nails, has mood-lifting properties. Seriously, wear it and try to tell me any different! This past weekend, I was traveling for work and I took a redeye flight home on Saturday night. Coupled with daylight savings time, I was in a serious mood (part sleep delusion/part cranky). Once I painted my nails with Daytripper, my mood turned around completely. True story. Polish can alter your mood. Especially when you paint it without making any mistakes, which Deborah Lippmann makes so easy with her fabulous formula.

What’s everyone wearing on their nails this week?

Brighten Up With Neon!


It’s that drab time of the year when the snow has lost its luster and the magic of the holidays is now a distant, faded memory. I don’t know about you, but I’m itching for spring to arrive – warmer weather, longer days and of course, Spring 2012 collections. Although spring is still a few months off I’m already ditching my winter greys and beiges and injecting some color back into my wardrobe and makeup routine. The spring trend I’m looking forward to most this year? Neon!

To avoid looking like an extra in Jessie Spano’s “Hot Sundae” music video, gradually introduce neon into your look with a bold accessory such as a belt or bag and work your way up to a bright blazer or blouse.  And when it comes to makeup it is possible to rock the neon trend without feeling like the little girl who got into mom’s 1989 makeup case. Nail polish is always a safe way to try a new trend without the commitment and I’m loving the colors from Bobbi Brown’s “Nudes and Neon” collection – they are fun without being too loud.

Check out the neons I’m loving right now and get ready to kick the winter blues to the curb!

Clockwise from top: Deborah Lipmann Nail Colors; Adia Kibur Chain Link Necklace; Lip gloss from Bobbi Brown’s Neons and Nudes collection; Madewell’s Serpentine Skinny Belt; The Fluoro from Cambridge Satchel Company; NARS Blush in Gaiety

Happy Thanksgiving + Holiday Nails

Happy Thanksgiving from the Product Girl team. We’re so very thankful for all of our readers, who humor us every day! Hope everyone stateside is enjoying today with family, friends and good food. A virtual cheers to everyone! In honor of one of my favorite holidays, I thought I’d add some sparkle to my manicure. In fact, my new motto through the end of the year is “just add sparkle.” I started with two coats of Essie Brooch the Subject from the Winter Collection. It’s a lovely creamy nude cashmere color that is very flattering to my skin tone. Then I added a single coat of Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow, concentrating larger chunks of glitter towards the very top of my fingertips. A coat of Seche Vite to smooth everything out, and you’re all set. Such a fun manicure, and very festive. Anyone else going to “just add sparkle” this holiday season?

New! Deborah Lippmann Fall 2011 Collection

In addition to the set Deborah Lippmann created for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, her fall collection is also available when the anniversary sale starts this Friday. Tonight I was in Nordstrom scoping out all the exclusives in person and I got a chance to play with these new shades. Above all, I’m excited about the red shade. That has “Carla” written all over it.

Here are the shades in the collection:

  • Stormy Weather – edgy granite (creme)
  • Billionaire – moody hunter green (creme)
  • Single Ladies – flirtatious red (creme)
  • Brick House – shimmering rust (shimmer)

Stormy Weather was a collaboration with fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez. The designer usually requests a nude nails to go along with his designs but this time around with his fall 2011 collection, he wanted something bold with strength and edge so Deborah mixed a new shade by hand in just 24 hours. The final product was an edgy granite that emanated power and intensity. As for the other shades, Deborah noticed warmth was a common theme among her collaborators at Fashion Week. She wanted to capture a similar heat and earthiness in the other polishes but with an added punch.

So what are your plans on Friday? Mine are heading straight to Nordstrom after work to pick most of these up! 🙂

Just Another Mani Monday: Deborah Lippman I Know What Boys Like

Every season, we look to Deborah Lippman for the color to wear, and her summer collection is essentially the perfect summer nail wardrobe. I’m sporting the deep periwinkle I Know What Boys Like this week, and I cannot stop looking at my nails. Truly, this color is giving me joy!

There’s something about blue nails that always feel summery. And as far as blues go, I Know What Boys Like is pretty unique. This shade is not your typical ocean blue, but it is giving me Lake Michigan vibes — where I spent my summers growing up.  I applied three coats here, but could have gotten away with two. The creme finish is absolutely lovely!

New! Deborah Lippmann Summer 2011 Collection

Right now I am more infatuated with nail color than I have ever been in my entire life, maybe it is because it is just easier than makeup for me right now. Sure, Chanel polishes have a certain appear but I have been living for Deborah Lippmann’s releases each season. She consistently knocks it out of the park for me and her summer collection does it yet again.

Here’s what is in her new collection:

  • Girls Just Want to Have Fun – a smooth, vintage creamy coral.
  • I Know What Boys Like – a blend of blue and purple with a creamy finish.
  • Yellow Brick Road – a sheer mellow yellow with a jelly finish.
  • Lara’s Theme – was created with supermodel Lara Stone is Deborah Lippmann’s newest celebrity collaboration, hot-hot orange.

I’ve seen Girls Just Want to Have Fun and I Know What Boys Like in Nordstrom already and I immediately loved them. The blue is not that same tired blue we see all the time and it is even prettier with Glitter in the Air on top of it. They will be used in a Mani Monday post soon because that coral is gorgeous! I’m dying to see the other shades though, very curious to see how Yellow Brick Road goes on and Lara’s Theme just looks like a fun shade.

What are your thoughts? Are you a Lippmann gal too? Any of these shades going on your nails for summer?

Just Another Mani Monday: Deborah Lippman Naked

Deborah Lippman makes beautiful nail polish, no doubt. And I’m pretty sure she created the world’s most perfect nude in the shade Naked. This polish balances perfectly on the edge of sheer and opaque, and blends beige, peach and pink hues to create the most flattering neutral that has ever graced my nails. I love the delicate nature of a nude nail, and think it’s the perfect alternative to a bare nail. Ironically, I feel “naked” without polish at times so this shade is totally right!

We already showed you what Naked looked like topped with Deborah Lippman’s other spring hit, Glitter in the Air. But what do you think of it on its own?