Yogurt in the Shower

I spent part of my childhood in Portugal and some of the things I miss from living abroad was the exposure to all the different beauty products… my obsession began early on. smiley face Nivea products are a good example of this, the brand is much more popular and diverse in Europe than in the US.

Cleo Shower Cream Now meet Cleo, a line of bath and body products from Italy now available exclusively at Drugstore.com. The product line features yogurt, which helps soothe skin, moisturize and improve elasticity. The best part about this product line is it’s price, it’s a treat at a bargain price. For $4, you can have a completely decadent experience in the shower. I started by using the Shower Cream in Chocolate last week and I have been loving it. The shower cream produces a very rich and fluffy lather that smells amazing. If I had a better nose, I’d give you a complete breakdown of the scent but I’ll leave that to someone else. All I can say is that it leaves you feeling soft and smelling like a yummy chocolate dessert. I would be an extremely happy girl if I Cleo releases a body lotion to go with the shower cream.

The Cleo goodness doesn’t stop in the shower. You can find hand soaps, bubble bath, hand soap and body cream. You can find more products in the Drugstore.com Cleo store.