Save the Date! Caudalie Facebook Fête November 14

Mark your calendars, tonight the brand that brings together two of my favorite things (quality skin care and wine!) will be hosting its first Facebook Fête! Yes, Caudalie will host a Q&A on Facebook tonight, Wednesday, November 14, from 8-10 p.m. (eastern). Caudalie founder Mathilde Thomas will answer your most pressing skincare questions and also offer special shopping offers and giveaways during the Q&A.

We’ll be curling up with a good glass of vino and slathering on some of the delightful Vinexpert Firming Serum. Access it from Caudalie’s Facebook page or directly from this link.

I Mist You Much: A Guide to the Obsessive Nature of Facial Misting

My favorite time of day is misting time. And the best part of misting time is that it can be any time. Summertime necessitates frequent facial misting. Nothing feels better, especially on a hot and humid day. I mist in the morning before applying makeup. I mist myself and others at work. I mist on-the-go. I mist at night after washing my face. Basically, I mist constantly. As such, I’ve grown to rely on a few favorites.

Best in Botanics: AmorePacific Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System. This water-free hydration mist contains the brand’s signature blend of indigenous Asian botanicals, including bamboo sap, a blast of antioxidants via red ginseng and a blend of mineral and amino acids to increase the skin’s defense against environmental stressors. It does a great job at keeping moisture locked in, and is very calming. $35 for 2.7 oz, available at Sephora.

Best in Scent: Benefit Cosmetics Ultra Radiance Facial Re-Hydrating Mist. I seriously love the packaging of Benefit’s b.right skin care line, and this mist is no exception. The smell is refreshing with a hint of floral — I call this one the “facial perfume.” It does a good job at soothing and hydrating, thanks to the magnesium PCA and white & blue lotus extracts. Worth noting – the nozzle on this mists out perfectly. In the world of obsessive facial misting, this is important. $26 for 4.5 oz, available at Benefit boutiques and counters.

Best in Energy: By Elizabeth Dehn Face Spray. Not only is this Face Spray uber-hydrating, misting it gives me serious energy. It’s my summer alternative to an afternoon coffee run. That energizing effect is thanks to the burst of organic essential oils of Melissa, Bergamot and Sweet Orange. Available at By Elizabeth Dehn for $28 (1.7 oz.)
Best in TravelCaudalie Beauty Elixir To-Go. This mist is loaded with plant active botanicals and essential oils, including rosemary, peppermint and grape extracts. It’s like a visit to the spa with every mist. It also comes in a convenient travel size that makes this a purse essential. $16 (1 size), available at Sephora.
What’s your position on misting? Ever tried it? Equally obsessed? Let us know. In the meantime, I’ve got to go mist!

Beauty VIP of the Week: Caudalie Grape Water

I meant to post this on Friday but after moving this weekend and being hacked (twice!), last week’s Beauty VIP of the Week is being posted today. 🙂

After spending practically an entire weekend in the pool and in the sun without proper SPF, guess what happened to me weekend before last? I got sunburned… I didn’t follow all of tips from Mario Badescu’s Do’s and Don’ts but I followed some of them. This is how red I got. Upon seeing this tweet, Caudalie (follow them on Twitter) graciously offered to send me a bottle of their Grape Water to soothe my skin. I’m so glad they did because now I’m kind of obsessed with it.

Caudalie Grape Water is plant based, the water is extracted from grapes during harvest and it moisturizes and tones skin with each spritz. It has that signature Caudalie scent reminiscent of brown sugar and it’s very calming and soothing on the skin. I can almost feel my face relax and say “ahhh” every time I use it. It is different from their Beauty Elixir as it does not contain oils and extracts. You don’t need to pat it dry, just spray it on and let it sink in.

You have to love Twitter, if I didn’t tweet about my sunburn, I would have never tried this product.

Vino Beauty

Caudalie Paris is an innovative skincare company, one that has pioneered and cultivated the use of vine-based ingredients to promote natural and effective skin care. The brand was developed by a couple who feel passionate about cosmetics and skincare, and a scientist who recognized the benefits to be found in the grape seeds thrown out after harvest by the couple’s family-owned vineyard.

Grape seeds contain polyphenols, which research has shown to be one of the most powerful traps of free radicals. Free radicals affect skin’s radiance and overall sense of aging – women of all ages can benefit from products that address free radicals. I’ve recently started using a few products from their skincare line and will have more to say about them in a few weeks.

Caudalie's VinoGo Body Set Until then, I’ve been giving everyone on my gift-list this VinGo Body Kit. It’s a great way to sample several of their best products, including Vine Peach Shower Gel, Gentle Conditioning Shampoo (which made my hair feel so soft and silky, I didn’t need to add a second conditioner – such a time-saver!), Hand and Nail Cream, and my favorite Nourishing Body Lotion. Each product feels effective, smells terrific, and is luxurious. So, more to come on their skincare line. But in the meantime, check out this set if you’d like to get your hands on some Caudalie for a great introductory price (only $15).