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Cyber Monday Beauty Deals, Take Two

Cyber Monday has officially sent me in to a beauty-deal-induced coma. For real…forget the electronics and video games, Cyber Monday is ALL about beauty. Here are the deals that we could not resist sharing. And, to see Cyber Monday deals part one, click here. Forget a percentage off, Suki is offering BUY ONE GET ONE of […]

Cyber Monday Beauty Deals

Just when you thought you did enough damage to the wallet on Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals start rolling in! The sheer volume of sales and promotions is straight up overwhelming, but there are some fabulous buys to be made. Here are the deals that caught our eye. Amika is offering a special Cyber Monday deal […]

I Mist You Much: A Guide to the Obsessive Nature of Facial Misting

My favorite time of day is misting time. And the best part of misting time is that it can be any time. Summertime necessitates frequent facial misting. Nothing feels better, especially on a hot and humid day. I mist in the morning before applying makeup. I mist myself and others at work. I mist on-the-go. […]

A Sure Bet: By Elizabeth Dehn Skincare

When I first met Elizabeth Dehn, creator of, the first thing I noticed was her glowing skin. She looked radiant and healthy. And to give you some context, this was in the middle of winter (a.k.a dry skin season) after we’d both just schlepped it on early morning flights from the Midwest to Los […]

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