Beauty VIP of the Week: Bond No. 9 Chinatown Candle

Bond No. 9 Chinatown Candle

Hi, my name is Carla and I hoard expensive candles. I treat my expensive candles a little differently, I save them for weekends, special occasions or just when the mood hits me. I have a little rotation going; my Tom Ford, Dayna Decker, NARS, Nest and Bond No. 9 candles all get a little burn time. The rest of the time I burn some more affordable candles. 🙂

This week I’ve shown my Bond No. 9 Chinatown candle some love. It is has been a long, cold week and I’ve been unwinding at night by burning this candle for an hour or two each night. Let me tell you, it smells amazing. Each Bond No. 9 candle I’ve experienced is exquisitely scented, the Scent of Peace is another favorite of mine. Chinatown has notes of patchouli, peach blossom, peony, gardenia, tuberose, and cardamom. I’m obsessed with how the candle fills the room with fragrance and gives it a seductive vibe. It sounds very floral based on the notes but the patchouli and cardamom give it great depth and spice. Chinatown is great date night material.

The Bond No. 9 candles retail for $95. Expensive? Yes. Simply gorgeous as the candle burns and the jar glows in the dark? Absolutely… and the highlight of my week.

First Smell of Spring in New York

Starting March 1st, you can experience a scent that’s inspired by “the first smell of spring in New York” as Andy Warhol once said. Bond No.9’s Andy Warhol Union Square is a floral scent with top notes of lily of the valley and green stems, middle notes of blue freesia and white birchwood then base notes of mellow amber and musk.

Bond No.9 Andy Warhol Union Square Bottles
Bond No.9 Andy Warhol Union Square Bottles

Individually the scent retails for $195 for 100ml and $135 for 50ml but Bond No.9 is introducing their limited edition portfolio of ten bottles featuring a different print of Andy Warhol’s famous Flowers piece. This is for the “serious collector”, the ones willing to part with $1500 for ten 100ml bottles.

After discovering my new love Chinatown, this scent seems to be right up my alley. On March 1st, you can find this scent online at Aren’t the bottles gorgeous? I think I’d be alright with just one for now.