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60 Eyeshadows to Take Your Look From Day to Night


We’re use to seeing “naked” or “smokey” eyeshadow palettes but there’s a bit of a gaping void when it comes to eyeshadow palettes that can take your look from day to night in an instant. This  BH Cosmetics 60 Color BH Day and Night palette fills that void with its newest palette and gives you 60 shadows to play with for only $21. Our bottom line really loves that price… that and we happen to think BH gives good palette.

We’ve recently come to the conclusion that you can never have too many eye shadows. We’ve also come to the conclusion that we have been buying way too much makeup lately. If you’re like us (chances are that this is true, you’re reading a beauty blog after all), consider making an exception for this palette.  We were impressed with its stand out color selection, and amazing pigmentation for just $21 bucks, that’s $0.35 per eye shadow!

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Don't Be a Makeup Snob and Check Out These BHCosmetics Palettes

I hate to admit this but I am a makeup snob, chances are you are too… at least that’s the assumption I’m making right now. When you’re a makeup snob, you tend to overlook blockbuster type palettes because you think there is no way in hell those eyeshadows are worth your time. Had I not been asked to try these palettes from BHCosmetics, I would have never tried them and I would have missed out on these gems. Let’s make sure you don’t make the same mistake! 🙂

My first palette discovery from BHCosmetics is this Jenni Rivera for BHCosmetics palette. This palette was a collaboration between Jenni Rivera and BHCosmetics. I didn’t know who Jenni was when I received the palette but then suddenly she was everywhere! She’s a famous Latin singer and has her own reality TV show, in case you didn’t know. She made this palette for her fans and filled it with 36 eyeshadows and 6 blushes in a variety of finishes for less than $20, it’s actually on sale right now.

Like I said, I’m a bit of a makeup snob. I expected these eyeshadows and blushes to be chalky and lacking in pigment but that wasn’t the case at all. Instead what I found is that these eyeshadows are soft and silky to the touch and blend really well. Of course I put these eyeshadows and blushes to the test. On my super oily lids with my favorite eyeshadow primer, I got about 5 hours of wear before creasing set in. That may not sound like a lot to you but trust me, for me that is huge. Short of getting my eyeshadow tattooed on, I have a hard time getting anything to stay put on these lids for long. I had better luck with the blushes, fading only started setting in towards the end of my day.

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