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Bath Time: Beau Bain Bath Bombs

In March, I took a trip to LA for The Makeup Show. From the moment I picked up my rental car, I was hopping around from shop to shop. By the time I checked in to my hotel, I was completely exhausted but I remembered to pack a little treat, I brought Beau Bain’s White Tea and Ginger Bath Bomb with me.

beau-bain-white-tea-ginger-bath-bomb This was the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Everything about this little Beau Bain’s White Tea and Ginger Bath Bomb hit the spot. You know how sometimes bath bombs leave the water feeling oily? This one did not do that at all. It softened my skin without leaving any oily residue behind on my skin and in the tub… loved that!

What I enjoyed most of all was the fabulous aroma from this bath bomb. It was a treat for my senses in addition to my skin. The white tea and ginger were totally calming and really helped me unwind. A hot bath in the summertime is not exactly appealing but with the Beau Bain’s White Tea and Ginger Bath Bomb, I would happily make up an excuse for a reason to take a bath just to its smell in. The only dilema I face now is choosing a Beau Bain bath bomb for my next trip!