Stardom in Her Eyes

Awake’s Stardom Eye Tints is a liquid eye color that is rather unique. It has a very thin, fluid texture to it, it’s not thick or goopy and it comes with a brush for you to apply the product with. You would apply this on your eyes as if you were taking nail polish to your eyelids. It’s not the greatest visual ever but it gets my point across.

Awake Stardom Eye Tints When I first applied this product in Champagne, I did it without any prep and it left a dewy sheer shimmer on my lids that I fell in love with instantly. I’ve never been a fan of the the glossy eye look but with this application, I began to understand it a little. This eye color is also long lasting. My eyelids like to do battle with any type of color applied on them so I consider it a good thing when a product lasts more than 4 hours without using a primer. When I tried it again armed with my genie in a bottle, I was pleased to see that it lasted well into the night. It wasn’t dewy this time around but the color still looked good.

The right shade can also make a great highlighter and Champagne definitely falls under the “right shade” category. I used this on my cheek bones, a little on my temples and even some on my collar bone and it all blended really well. All this made me very eager to play around with the other shades this product comes in. This is a good product to use for that golden summer look.