Pink! Aveda Hand Relief Hand Cream


My friend Jennifer loves Aveda’s Hand Relief Hand Cream but I didn’t start using it until about a month ago. I can’t believe I waited this long to try it! When your job involves as much paperwork as mine does, a good hand cream is not just a suggestion, it’s a must.

Aveda’s Hand Relief is has been saving my hands lately. It has a simple fresh scent that doesn’t linger around, it’s there when you work the product in and moments later it’s gone. This is big plus for me at work. Finding a scent that doesn’t make the manly construction industry types at the day job say “why does it smell like diapers in here” can be tricky. This actually happened one day and the scent in question was Persian Lime Blossom & Mimosa from a Slatkin hand cream. The formula is so rich that it immediately softens my skin and keeps it that way through a few hand washings.

This month the limited-edition Hand Relief is specially packaged with a pink ribbon design and actually features 19% more product. Also, Aveda will donate $4 from each sale of the Breast Cancer Awareness Hand Relief to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation to fund environmental research to help find a cure.

Rosacia Rescue

There’s not a whole lot of definitive information available about the cause and cure of a skin condition called rosacia. It’s predominantly found in fair skinned folks, could be hereditary, and varies in severity. My esthetician told me that it’s caused by a random bacteria (eww, I know) which causes red inflammation on the skin. There are no real cures for the condition; some doctors prescribe topical antibiotics to help those with serious cases.

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant I have a touch of the rosacia across my cheeks and nose- nothing terrible, but a slightly annoying uneven coloring. On the advice of my esthetician, who said that her mom, sister and two other clients found the product effective at toning down the redness, I integrated Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant into my skincare routine.

The liquid exfoliant contains witch hazel, which apparently kills the bacteria that causes rosacia. Many people find witch hazel to be too harsh an ingredient for sensitive skin, but it’s well balanced by lavender to soothe and chamomile to calm irritated skin. Rosacia can be exacerbated by harsh exfoliating scrubs, so this liquid version (just swab on skin with a cotton ball) is a great way to get that fresh cell turnover without the irritation.

I haven’t been using theExfoliant long enough to see quantifiable results. However, my skin has responded well to the gentle, daily exfoliation. I’m going to stick with this product and see what happens to my rosacia. I’ll let you know!

Dry Scalp Relief

Every year around this time, late October-ish, my scalp freaks out. Dry, flakey, itchy – so annoying! I’ve tried every dry scalp shampoo and conditioner out there, with similar results. My scalp feels better, but at the cost of swingy, bouncy hair. A stylist friend recommended that I try Aveda’s Scalp Remedy Dandruff Solution.

Aveda Scalp Remedy Dandruff Solution The spray solution is a leave-in treatment that helps exfoliate your scalp, which is important to keep dry flakes at bay. It contains sugar beet extract to condition while rosemary, echinacea and sage soothe tightness. After washing and conditioning my hair as usual, I sprayed the Scalp Remedy directly onto my scalp and then worked it around with my fingers. The first couple of times that I used it, the product concentrated on certain parts of my hair, leaving me with sticky patches once I’d dried and styled. I eventually figured out how much I needed to spray to avoid that, though.

My scalp has been flake-free and feeling good since using Aveda’s Scalp Remedy Dandruff Solution – and my hair has lost none of its bounce and style. I think I’ve finally beaten the dry winter air – at least when it comes to my hair.

Smooth, Shiny Hair from Aveda

After loading up on “essentials” (by my definition, anyway) at Sephora the other day, I was unexpectedly lured into the nearby Aveda store. I don’t know if they were secretly pumping their signature scent, found in the Shampure line of hair products, or what but I could not stop myself from walking in.

Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid A sales clerk greeted me with a cup of tea, but I was completely distracted by her hair. It was shiny and bouncy and I could just tell it smelled good…everything I want in my own hair! Sensing my envy, and getting a look at my slightly puffy hair, she steered me toward Light Elements Smoothing Fluid. Within seconds, she pumped some of the clear liquid onto her fingertips, waved them in front of my nose so I could appreciate the delicious lavender scent, and then smoothed the product over my strands. And there I had it! Smooth, shiny, good smelling hair! I was sold.

An added benefit of the Light Elements Smoothing Fluid is that it can be applied to wet or dry hair. It doesn’t build up and weigh hair down, nor does it make your hair feel greasy. With my naturally wavy hair, I get maximum smoothness by applying it right out of the shower and then as a finishing step once my hair is done. Girls with straight or curly hair will love this product.

Happy Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day (or Earth Month as they are calling it) with Aveda!

Aveda Hand Relief On Friday I made a stop in at my local Aveda store. I noticed all of the information they had up about “Earth Month” and the ways organic farming helps protect clean water. As a promotion, you could donate to a local fund protecting the Columbia River by purchasing jewelry or other items. For a $5 donation, which went directly to Columbia Riverkeeper, I got a bottle of Ethos water, a cute earth day pin and a small tube of Hand Relief.

Let me just say – Hand Relief is awesome. I am always on the lookout for a hand lotion that will smell good, not feel too greasy and give me super soft hands for for more than just a few seconds. With Hand Relief I’ve found it. Aveda claims the product increases moisture levels and elasticity in skin with continued use and I can feel just that happening already. It not only seems to provide good results but smell great.. clean, crisp and even a touch fruity. It’s good to know that I got it by supporting a great cause.