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Pink! Aveda Hand Relief Hand Cream

My friend Jennifer loves Aveda’s Hand Relief Hand Cream but I didn’t start using it until about a month ago. I can’t believe I waited this long to try it! When your job involves as much paperwork as mine does, a good hand cream is not just a suggestion, it’s a must. Aveda’s Hand Relief […]

Rosacia Rescue

There’s not a whole lot of definitive information available about the cause and cure of a skin condition called rosacia. It’s predominantly found in fair skinned folks, could be hereditary, and varies in severity. My esthetician told me that it’s caused by a random bacteria (eww, I know) which causes red inflammation on the skin. […]

Dry Scalp Relief

Every year around this time, late October-ish, my scalp freaks out. Dry, flakey, itchy – so annoying! I’ve tried every dry scalp shampoo and conditioner out there, with similar results. My scalp feels better, but at the cost of swingy, bouncy hair. A stylist friend recommended that I try Aveda’s Scalp Remedy Dandruff Solution. The […]

Smooth, Shiny Hair from Aveda

After loading up on “essentials” (by my definition, anyway) at Sephora the other day, I was unexpectedly lured into the nearby Aveda store. I don’t know if they were secretly pumping their signature scent, found in the Shampure line of hair products, or what but I could not stop myself from walking in. A sales […]

Happy Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day (or Earth Month as they are calling it) with Aveda! On Friday I made a stop in at my local Aveda store. I noticed all of the information they had up about “Earth Month” and the ways organic farming helps protect clean water. As a promotion, you could donate to a local […]

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