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Beauty Duty for 10/23

Today happens to be my birthday and as such, I’ll be taking it easy so how about I do my beauty duty for the week?

A Touch of Blusher asks, “Would you like some samples?”

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Makeup Bag knows every girl loves CHOCOLATE!

TheMakeupGirl Dishes about The American Beauty Tour with Billy B.

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See you tomorrow!

Beauty Duty for 10/16

A Touch of Blusher declares, “I love PINK!!

Beautiful Makeup Search introduces us to one of Clinique’s Holiday Collections: Touches of Golden Elixir.

GlamBlush puts us on Code Red and asks, does your favorite lipstick contain lead?

Kristopher blogs “f**k you” shoes vs. “f**k me” shoes.

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Beauty Duty for 10/9

I’ve been in bed sick for the last few days. While I do my best to recover as quickly as possible, it is my beauty duty to share the following:

A Touch of Blusher asks, “Can I return this, please?!”

Beautiful Makeup Search kicks off Mascara Monday’s with a review of Prescriptives Here to Stay 24-Hour Longwear Mascara.

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The Organic Beauty Expert tells us about Nude Skin Care launch in the US with rave reviews.

TheMakeupGirl investigates Natura Bisse Diamond Cream.

We Love Beauty asks Beauty Myth: Lipstick Is Loaded with Lead?

We’ll be back in action as soon as possible!

Blissfully Soft Feet

I just spent the night with a new friend, Softening Socks from Bliss. I was in a bad mood last night and I decided to treat myself to these socks that I had been eying every time I set foot in Sephora.

Bliss Softening SocksThese socks are different from your normal pair of moisturizing socks because they are gel lined and this actually traps the moisture in while you wear them. I slathered my feet with Philosophy’s Soul Owner and hung out for awhile. The directions say you can wear them for 20 minutes to use them as a treatment or you can wear them overnight so I slept in them. When I took them off earlier this morning, my feet actually looked a bit like prunes. That just goes to show how powerful these socks actually are, 20 minutes was really all I needed. It is a bit awkward to walk in these socks, I kept thinking I was going to slip and fall but what’s a little risk in exchange for soft, lovable feet? 🙂 I didn’t buy the co-ordinating Softening Sock Salve, I figured I had spent enough on this product already but I am sure that any variety of moisturizer would work in combination with these socks.

If I were to nitpick and find a complaint about this product, it would be it’s price tag. This is why I waited so long before actually buying these socks. If I had enough patience to order something online and wait for it to arrive, I might have actually tried GeLuscious Booties instead. This product is half the price and I suspect it works the exact same way.

Four Degrees of Microdermabrasion: Pt. 4

Marykay Finally, we have Mary Kay TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set. Out of all of these products, this one is my favorite. It was the first product of it’s kind that I ever tried and I fell in love with it instantly. At $55 US, I am aware this is expensive you can buy step 1 on it’s own. I ditched the 2nd step soon after getting this and wished I would have saved my money. The 2nd step is a serum with they say contains vitamins and antioxidants but any good moisturizer with SPF in it will do the job. The strength in this product is amazing, just be careful to not over do it. The only reason I’ve tried other products, is that I hate waiting for stuff until I can get more of this. I can’t go to the Mary Kay counter and pick this up, you know?

Four Degrees of Microdermabrasion: Pt. 3

Bobbibrownbuffinggrains_1 What’s unique about Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains is that this product does not come in a cream. As you can see from the picture, these are literally grains. Instead of having to settle for the cream that comes along with the product, you can add this product to your favorite cleanser. This factor makes this product extremely versatile. Lately, I’ve been using Biotherm’s Purifying Pore Refining Crystal Gel as a cleanser and I love that I add this to my cleanser and skip a step. This was genius on Bobbi Brown’s part. Although loose grains can make this a little tricky to use at times, I think this product more than makes up for that. In addition, this product’s strength could show MAC’s a thing or two. I feel like I’m getting the job done with I use this.

Four Degrees of Microdermabrasion: Pt. 2

Macmicrorefinisher_1 MAC Microfine Refinisher is the next product on the micro-dermabrasion ladder. While I am usually a MAC evangelist, this is one product that I’m a little iffy about… that and the fact that I couldn’t find a picture with a white background. 🙂 While this product does have some definite oomph to it, it looses it’s effectiveness if your skin is damp. Using this product wet amounts to using the Pond’s product on a dry face. If I had to classify this product, I would label it as light micro-dermabrasion. Sorry MAC, but I need more than this, actually I expected more from you. Even though I got this product at a great discount, I don’t think I would buy it again. I can put my money to better use with a different product.

Cleanse with Lush

Coalface This is the Coalface Cleansing Soap Bar. It may seem weird to wash your face with a black piece of soap and even as it lathers up, it may seem weird to see your face look that way but it’s great. Every time I use it, I feel it tightening my face. It has liquorice and other oils that help soothe and calm skin but best of all, it has charcoal which actually absorbs oil. That’s a big plus for us oily skin folks. When used with Sweet Japanese Girl, you almost got yourself a skincare routine.

Honey & Shea Goodness

lip balm I might as well include my lip balm of the moment, Bath & Body Works Le Couvent des Minimes Honey & Shea Nutritive Lip Balm. Yeah, I know it’s a long name but it’s so good. It’s so soothing, not too greasy and it’s just the right thickness to make you feel like you’re really doing something good for your lips.

Bonus: it’s got that honey and shea goodness, I even fell for the matching soap and shower gel. If I could only find that scent in a perfume, I’d be so happy.