Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Pearl Essence Bath Beads

A hot bath was the furthest thing from my mind today but now I am longing for one since I saw these Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Pearl Essence Bath Beads on Nordstrom’s website. I’m thinking I should just get these now and be prepared for when cooler weather comes in. 😉

I have been dying for these to come out for months now. I had the chance to smell the fragrance in a meeting and feel the bath beads on my skin earlier in the year. I am one of those gals that is hardcore about her Cashmere Mist obsession and love every incarnation of the scent out there. The newest is Cashmere Mist Pearl Essence and it takes my beloved Cashmere Mist and just makes it a little more sultry and sexy. It was love at first sniff.

These bath beads make your bathwater silky and soften the skin while delicately scented it with Cashmere Mist Pearl Essence. Let it be the first step in your scent layering process, it is $45 for a 7 oz. jar and it will be your favorite new bath time indulgence.

Space NK Beautannia Collection

Space NK Beautannia Brideshead Collection

The Space NK Beautannia collection is quintessentially British and with the Olympics taking in place in London soon, what better time to dive into this collection?

Beautannia is about British bathing re-imagined and consists of three scents: Bloomsbury, Balfour and my personal favorite Brideshead. Bloomsbury is more of a sensual fragrance with notes of neroli, oud and sandalwood at its core while Balfour is more invigorating with green notes of fern, oakmoss and vetiver. For me Brideshead steals my heart with sweet floral notes of wintersweet, honeysuckle and wild bluebell.

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Product Girl Favs Snag Prevention Magazine Beauty Seal Honors

And the accolades are just getting started for what is one of THE BEST beauty products evah, the amaze Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad for Body. We’ve raved about them here, and Prevention mag has named it one of six winners in the “Best Body” category of its “Celebrate Your Beauty” awards featured in the July issue (with the ageless Janet Jackson on the cover!)

Other awards were given to Product Girl favs, including AVEENO® Positively Ageless Skin Strengthening Body Cream and Schick Hydro Silk Razor. Here’s what the Prevention testing panel had to say about these and the other recipients of the coveted “Celebrate Your Beauty” seal…

Best Body Wash: SheaMoisture Olive & Green Tea Body Wash ($10, Walgreens)

This all-natural cleanser impressed judges because of its lack of skin-irritating fragrances and sulfates, and readers raved about the rich, creamy lather and fresh honeysuckle scent. Green tea extract helps protect skin from damage, and avocado oil is rich in vitamins and minerals that help moisturize and regenerate skin cells.

Best Body-Hair Removal: Schick Hydro Silk Razor ($10, drugstores)

This slick-looking razor improves the condition of skin thanks to the water-activated moisturizing serum surrounding the razor’s blades. As you shave, the serum delivers proteins, vitamins, and shea butter to rejuvenate skin. Testers also loved the easy-to-grip handle and maneuverable head, which made shaving tricky areas like knees and ankles a breeze.

Best Self-Tanner: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad for Body with Active Vitamin D ($45,

In addition to delivering a beautiful bronze glow, this unique self-tanner also speeds cell renewal and kick-starts collagen production.

Best Sunscreen: L’Oréal Paris Sublime Sun Hydra Lotion Spray SPF 50+ ($11, drugstores)

In addition to blocking UVA and UVB rays with a blend of photostabilized sunscreens, this product has vitamin E and white grapeseed extract, which work together to protect against free radicals and keep skin looking healthy

Best Body Lotion: AVEENO® Positively Ageless® Skin Strengthening Body Cream ($10, drugstores)

Extracts of algae, mushroom, and flowering southernwood deliver antioxidants that can help protect skin from damage and dehydration, and before-and-after photographs clearly showed that this lotion delivered improvements to the texture and elasticity of skin.

Best Hand Cream: philosophy hands of hope hand and cuticle cream ($18,

This rich cream wowed both testers and judges by delivering noticeable enhancements in roughness, scaling, and brown spots in just six weeks. Testers also loved that this cream hydrated without making hands slippery or smelly.

Congrats to all of the winners!

Good Enough to Eat? DIRT Purify + Glow Scrub

We’ve been known to say a product is “good enough to eat” and in many cases, that statement could be true. But rarely do I actually eat my products. Hmm. First time for everything right? More like a lick, but yeah, I went there. Twice.  And I liked it, too. The product that had me feeling like dinner? None other than DIRT Purify + Glow Salt Scrub. Try it, and I dare you to resist indulging in a tiny taste yourself.  In my defense, I am a total Na- fiend, known for drinking margaritas JUST so I can have a salt fix.

Unlike a sugar scrub, which I’m often partial to, this delicious (um…literally) salt-based exfoliant has a fine gritty texture that seems to melt dead skin cells off of skin in a second. Using this scrub gives me so much enjoyment. It’s luxe to the core and feels like total therapy for the body. A medley of French sea salts, shea butter, vitamin E, grapeseed, jojoba and avocado oils blended with scents of cucumber, pear and fig. Can it get any better than that?

I love this so much that I don’t even wince at the price — $45 for a 12 oz. tub. (My husband just choked while reading.)  Even holding this tub into my hands feels special. It weighs a ton, and is so fancy I’ve designated it for bath time only. I keep it on the side of my tub on display and use it about 1-2 a week. After rinsing away the salt, skin is hydrated in a rich oil with a smell so unique. The pear hits you, but the cucumber and fig give it a special edge that is not at all fruity.

DIRT is luxury, inside and out. And it has a special place in my heart for being born in Chicago. The team behind DIRT believes products should inspire health and wholeness within, and developed DIRT to be more than skin deep. Everything is Mother Nature-inspired and nutrient-rich! All of DIRT’s body exfoliants are as divine as Purfiy + Glow. But after seeing the range, I can confirm that it is the one you need. Other highlights in the line inclue a detox formula (Purge + Thrive) with kiwi seeds and a lavender mint aroma, an energizing variety (Peace + Power) that uses corn cob grit to exfoliate and a relaxation sugar scrub (Sweet + Spicy) that smells of vanilla and sandalwood. With mission statements like those, it’s hard not to love every single one.

Thymes Garden Alchemy + Giveaway

My excitement level hit a new high this week when I noticed the neighborhood peonies starting to bloom. While I live in the city, I have a neighbor passionate about gardening and she’s turned the surrounding blocks into a beautiful urban oasis. Spring is the best time of year — with the daffodils, tulips and lilacs blooming. And now, peonies! The flower that almost led me to choose a spring wedding date (opted for September in the end!)

Peonies in bloom

Garden scents are exactly what I look for in a fragrance. Very literally — I’ll take the earthy, gritty notes along with the florals (hold the allergies, though) Which is why the new collection from Thymes, Garden Alchemy, strikes a chord, or note, with me. The botany meets perfumery collection is garden at its best. The three scent factions include Rosemary Sage, Wild Angelica, and Lemon Geranium. I’m partial to Wild Angelica, but am finding it difficult to resist the party citrusy, part mossy Lemon Geranium.

Product Girl is over on the Thymes Blog this week musing on spring fragrance. Go check us out there and let us know your thoughts on spring fragrance! We’d love to know what scents inspire you. And, we also want to give away some of our favs from Thymes Garden Alchemy collection! One winner will receive a set of the seven Garden Alchemy products in a variety of scents.

To enter, take a look at the Garden Alchemy collection and let us know what product you most want to try! You can check it out here. We’ll pick one winner Sunday, May 20. Good luck!

Product Girl Green Guide: Eco Bath & Body Picks

With Earth Day right around the corner, Sunday, April 22, now seems like the natural time to share our top picks in eco beauty. All week long, we’ll be sharing our green recommendations in makeup, shower staples, skin care and more. Today, we’re kicking off with eco-friendly options for bath and body. Read on to find out about “curoxidants,” the best body scrub I’ve ever used and a cleanser you need for your shower.

1. Acure Energizing Body Lotion in Mandarin Orange + Mango. This zesty vegan moisturizer uses Fair Trade Certified ingredients and for every bottle bought, one tree is planted. This good for you and the planet moisturizer includes Acure’s signature “Curoxidant Blend” of five certified organic superfruits and herbs: acai, pomegranate, blackberry, rosehips and rooibos. ($9.99, Acure Organics)

2. J.R. Watkins Naturals Grapefruit Sugar & Shea Scrub. In full disclosure, I am a proud member of the PR team for this brand. I am obsessed with every single Grapefruit product they sell (home + personal care!) but this scrub takes the cake. The sugar and shea oils are perfectly blended in the tube (no annoying separation like so many other sugar scrubs, wahoo!) and they melt into the skin both shedding dead skin and moisturizing at the same time. Also, it’s grapefruit. Need I say more?  ($13.99 J.R Watkins)

3. Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser. This one is a shower staple. Sugars and lemongrass extract work to unclog pores, smooth and resurface skin. Rub a nickel size in your hands to break down the sugar a bit and you’ll see it start to foam. Then massage gently into your face and it does the work for you. I have to resist the urge to use this every day (as the last time I did I had to go on an esthetician-mandated exfoliation diet!) ($30, Birchbox)

4. JASON Pure Natural Shampoo and Conditioner. (Super Shine Apricot and Long & Strong Jojoba) You may know JASON for its practically life sized bottles of body wash, but did you know the brand just re-launched its line of Shampoo and Conditioners? The Super Shine Apricot is a mix of organic botanicals, vegetable proteins and vitamins. Hair feels super clean and healthy…and smells great, too! ($7, JASON)

Win It: Tone Fruit Peel Body Wash

If you’re not exfoliating your body, you are missing an essential step in skin care. And I don’t mean using a grainy, physical exfoliator (though, those are good to have, too), but rather FRUIT. Fruit and its Alpha-Hydroxy Fruit Acids help slough off dead skin like a champ. The new Tone Fruit Peel Daily Exfoliating Body Wash with aforementioned AHAs has an amazing blend of apple, kiwi, citrus and Vitamin E to gently exfoliate your skin. It works incognito, since the body wash is a smooth formula, but trust, those fruit acids are working to shed your winter skin. Also, it feels refreshing and smells delicious. Almost good enough to add to a blender for a citrusy smoothie (but don’t…)

We’ve teamed with Tone to give away one (1) Tone Fruit Peel Package, including:

  • Tone Fruit Peel Daily Exfoliating Body Wash
  • Canvas Market Tote
  • Spa Accessories
  • $50 Visa Gift Card

To enter, leave a comment on this post! You can talk exfoliation, fruit, ANYTHING. Let us know your thoughts. We’ll pick one winner end of day Friday, April 13.

May the fruit be with you.

Guess That Body Lotion!

Every once in awhile, an opportunity comes along to do something fun and unexpected here at Product Girl. This time we were asked to do a blind test of a new body lotion coming out from a major national brand. We did not receive any information on the product at all, it just came in a box with a question mark on it and labeled for testing purposes. Before I even received the package, my mind was racing thinking about what brand could possible be behind this… Dove? Aveeno? Lubriderm? Either way, I was excited to participate and was anxious to try the new body lotion!

I received the box this week and went directly into testing mode. I’m not much of a body lotion gal but this winter seemed to be determined to make me one. That said, I can’t handle anything that feels heavy or greasy on my skin. I need my hydration to absorb quickly, I need it feel light as a feather and I need it to smell good… and we’re good on all counts. Again, my mind started racing about what brand could be behind this new body lotion. I went around testing the different lotions I had at home to see if I could find some similarity in formula but I struck out. My curiosity is only getting worse now.

Want to join in on the fun with me? This mystery brand wants you to play along. Five lucky readers will be randomly selected to receive this secret lotion to test and provide their feedback to me to report back to the brand. We will find out which brand is behind this lotion together, all you need to do is comment here and tell me what brand you think we’re dealing with. We will select the five readers next week and be in touch more information. Are you in? Comment and good luck!

What's New With Aveeno Positively Ageless

Aveeno introduced several new products into its “Positively Ageless” collection, which is all about anti-aging. After testing them for a while, I think they are welcome addition to the line and products you should know about. Aveeno infuses everything in their line with something they call “Active Naturals” — ingredients drawn from nature with added benefits. In this line, Aveeno uses Natural Shiitake Complex, an antioxidant from the shiitake mushroom, and Southernwood, a combo of sugars and plyphenols that help bind water to skin. With that, let’s meet the newbies…

Aveeno Positively Ageless Correcting Tinted Moisturizer

Active Natural at play: Natural Shiitake Complex

What it does: Pulls triple duty by evening out skin tone, refining skin texture and moisturizing

Claim to fame: SPF 30

Price tag: $17.99

Aveeno Positively Ageless Skin Strengthening Body Cream

Active Natural at play: Southernwood

What it does: Deeply moisturizes skin for up to 24 hours

Claim to fame: Clinically shown to improve skin’s texture and elasticity within two weeks

Price tag: $8.99

Aveeno Positively Ageless Skin Strengthening Hand Cream

Active Natural at play: Southernwood

What it does: Instantly hydrates dry hands and cuticles

Claim to fame:  Non-greasy formula

Price tag: $5.99

Aveeno Positively Ageless Resurfacing Scrub

Active Natural at play: Natural Shiitake Complex

What it does: Exfoliates facial skin gently with microbeads that help polish away dead skin cells

Claim to fame: Gentle enough for daily use

Price tag: $8.99


*Disclosure: Product Girl is a 2012 Aveeno Ambassador. We received samples of the products mentioned in this post.

Eucerin Professional Repair + Giveaway

 The perfect time to test a new body lotion is most definitely when temperatures fluctuate in a matter of days by 40 degrees. Or the “pneumonia front” we experienced in Chicago a few weeks ago where the temp dropped by 25 degrees in just minutes. Definitely situations that have my skin begging for stability.

Enter Eucerin Professional Repair, a new innovation in lotion for extremely dry skin. Eucerin designed this to improve the condition of skin by combining your skin’s own natural moisturizers, Ceramide-3, and Gluco-Gylcerol, a  breakthrough ingredient which improves moisture reserves in the skin. Think of it as like your own personal watershed. I love it because while it intensely moisturizes it does so in the lightest way.

And, for the fun news, I have a Eucerin Professional Repair Tool Kit to give away! The tool kit has everything you need to get ready for spring.

  • Eucerin Professional Repair
  • Eucerin water bottle
  • $50 Sunglass Hut Gift Card

To enter, share a skin tip in the comments. How do you keep your skin healthy and hydrated? Feet, hands, etc? Let us know! And, if you’re up for it, share your tip on on Eucerin’s Facebook page. They may even  feature you in their “Tip Tuesday.”  We’ll pick a winner Monday, April 2.*

*Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.

Disclosure: We received a sample of Eucerin Professional Repair as well as the Professional Repair Tool Kit.