Casinos and Dressage: What should women wear?

You’d be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn’t want to look her best when going out for the evening. While casinos have long been depicted in movies as glamourous places at night, this isn’t always the case with today’s more modern casinos. Therefore, it is important that women know what’s expected of them whether the casino they will be attending has a strict dress code or no dress code at all. The safest choice if we don’t want to think about this is just try some casino online sites and try a few games like poker or blackjack.

If the casino you will be attending is an upper class affair, then you will want to make sure your clothing matches. For this kind of casino, a skirt and shirt combination would look great or even a dress. The dress doesn’t have to a full length formal. A knee length dress such as a cocktail dress would be perfect. Also, today’s popular maxi dress can work as well. However, most women prefer to dress this up a bit with accessories or a jacket.  Shoes should be dress shoes. Never wear flip-flops, beach sandals or athletic shoes to an upper class casino. This is a terrible fashion faux pas! Your bag should complement the overall outfit.  You may want to avoid bringing an oversized bag to the casino as he bulky nature just isn’t practical and won’t compliment the look you’re trying to achieve. On the other hand, if the casino is more informal, you can dress down considerably. Jeans in good repair and condition are perfectly acceptable. However, do not wear sweatpants or hoodies to a casino in the evening even if it is informal. This look simply isn’t appropriate. Women wearing this kind of outfit will feel out of place.

This information should serve as a guide to dress for the casino. However, you should always check with the casino you will be attending to determine what dress code they have, if any.