A Super Glam Lipstick for Three Dollars

When you think of Carmex, your first thought is probably not glamourous. This is a brand that is so deeply rooted in my childhood — the iconic smell in that tub (or squeeze tube) of balm that got me through so many colds and winters. It’s definitely a comfort product for me. However, my view of the brand took a huge turn for glam with the expansion of the Carmex Moisture Plus tints in Sheer Plum and Sheer Berry.

Housed in a skinny tube with a very lipstick-like slant tip applicator, Carmex Moisture Plus is not the same Carmex you grew up with. It still has that familiar smell, but it also has vitamin E, shea butter and avocado butter. It’s nostalgia + major moisture AND glamorous color.

While these only cost $2.99, they look expensive on the lips. A satin finish and a healthy dose of color. I wore the Sheer Berry to my Christmas Eve festivities, and I felt like I was housing the world’s best kept secret on my lips. Spontaneously, I would just blurt to family members, “I’m wearing Carmex. Bet you’d never guess.” My mom was totally into it, and I had to double check my purse at the end of the night to make sure my tube didn’t end up in hers!

Sheer Berry is lovely, but I can’t wait to get a little more vampy with Sheer Plum. There’s no stress involved with these. No prepping the lips to make sure they’re moisturized —  this does the moisturizing for you! A++ Carmex!

Available at CVS for $2.99.

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