Ten or Less Thursday: Carmex Healing Lotion & Cream

Sometimes brands put out new products you don’t really expect them to put out. Who would have thought that Carmex would ever come out with body products? I never imagined that they would but they did just that. This month their new Carmex Healing Cream and Body Lotion hit the market. These products definitely fell into the “unexpected” category for me.

Carmex has introduced 2 products: their Healing Cream and Healing Body Lotion. The Healing Cream is the more concentrated intensive product of the two. It is best suited for hands, feet or any other area needing a little more lovin’ than others. Then the Healing Lotion is lighter and intended for daily use. The lotion features vitamin E and aloe and the cream has 9 special ingredients to help heal, moisturize and repair even the driest skin.

Even though I knew it was from Carmex, I was surprised to smell that old familiar Carmex lip balm scent in their lotion and cream. For some reason I can’t explain, I was expecting something different. It is not overpowering in lotion/cream form though, so don’t worry, you won’t smell like Carmex all day. I love the cream in particular on my hands. It absorbs super fast and my hands feel as smooth as velvet. That’s thanks to the dimethicone in it, the same ingredient found in some makeup primers. With all the paper I shuffle on a daily basis, I go through a lot of hand cream and with this I find myself using less as my hands stay hydrated longer. As for the lotion, it has helped bring my skin back to life after a wicked sunburn.

Have you tried the new Carmex Healing Lotion and Cream? At around $6, it’s a pretty good find.

Note: I received a sample of these products.