Sneak Peak: Cargo Timestrip Lipgloss

Have you ever reached for an old lipgloss only to find out it was past it’s prime when you went to use it?  Cargo Cosmetics is introducing Timestrip Lip Glosses, the first lip gloss to tell you when it’s expiration date is.

Cargo's New Timestrip Lipgloss

The packaging features Timestrip technology, it’s a tiny strip embedded in the cap of the gloss and keeps track of how long your lip gloss has been open. As time passes, the indicator will turn red and when nine months are over (the point where you should toss your gloss), the indicator strip will be completely red.

Cargo blu_ray Lip Gloss in Belize This new technology will be available in classic 8 shades:

  • Dusseldorf – shimmering iced amethyst
  • Venice – sparkling ruby
  • Alexandria – shimmering dusty rose
  • Tobago – tropical melon
  • Big Sur – deep begonia
  • Cyprus – sheer electric strawberry
  • Whistler – delicate peach
  • Luxor – spiced cinnamon latte

Timestrip technology will also be available in blu_ray Lip Gloss in 7 shades:

  • Belize – warm sunny pink
  • Panama – muted raspberry
  • Halifax – palest peach blush
  • Bogota – rich red plum
  • Vermont – golden café latte
  • Laredo – shimmering nude
  • Montego – classic rose

You can find Cargo’s new Timestrip Lip Glosses in Sephora stores in February.

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