Here’s Looking At You, Cargo

Cargo Matte Beach Blush I have discovered my new favorite makeup line and it goes by the name of Cargo. While I don’t have many products from this line, the ones I do have deliver in a major way. As you might know blush is my most beloved makeup item and the Matte BeachBlush in Tenerife is totally rocking my world. It is a bronzer and blush combo and the colors harmoniously mix together to bestow a golden glow. The best part, in my opinion, is the lack of shimmer. Lately, bronzer and blush have become synonymous with sparkly. And while I like to have this option, I also prefer to be able choose a matte look for my cheeks and place the glittery looks elsewhere like eyes and lips. This blush is perfect for that.

Cargo Eye LighterAnother awesome item from Cargo is Eye Lighter a highligher for your eyes. (Eyelighter, get it?) This is like four products in one and the ultimate pick-me-up for eyes. It is two-sided where one side holds the shimmer powder for the outer corner of eyes and the other for inner corners. It can also be used to highlight the brow bone and to line eyes. Ringing in at 17 dollars, this is some bang for your buck. Each time you open a side, the perfect amount of product is available on a sponge tip — one rounded, the other angular — which pretty much guarantees idiot-proof application. There is no risk of spilling or wasting any of the product. Too boot? The small size and versatility make this a great addition to any purse or makup bag.

They have great eyeshadows and lipglosses too. So, my friends, go forth and sample, buy and revel in the goodness that is Cargo.