Beauty VIP of the Week: Cargo Magic Brush

My Beauty VIP of the week is Cargo’s new Magic Brush. Ever since I picked it up a few weeks ago, we have been inseparable… inseparable I tell you! This brush has become indispensable to me since I bought it and has been in my makeup bag at all times since then. Let me tell you why…

I like to stipple on my powder foundation (right now that’s Becca Mineral Powder Foundation) so I have fuller coverage in certain areas and lighter coverage in others. This brush is absolutely perfect for this because it is dense enough to pack the powder on the skin without making skin look chalky and it is soft enough to really buff product on at the same time. Plus, the synthetic fibers in the brush act like a magnet to keep the loose or pressed powder, whatever it may be, on the brush and give skin that airbrushed look.

With this brush and the combination of products I’m using right now (more one that later), my skin has just been glowing lately. It’s not just my VIP of the week, it’s a permanent addition to my roster.

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  1. They actually still carry CARGO at Sephora inside JcPenney…( i know, b/c i work in one) And all the newer JcPenney stores should have the Sephoras in them. Hope that helped!

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