New! Cargo's 7 in 7 Kit

This past weekend I couldn’t think of anything I wanted from Sephora, I did my shopping with QVC’s It’s a Beautiful Day. Did you watch? What did you get? Let me know in the comments… Anyhoo, of course that’s just the way things are. When I’m not looking to spend money, I see things that peak my interest. 🙂 I was just browsing Sephora’s website and I found a few things I thought were interesting including this 7-in-7 Kit from Cargo.


This kit includes 7 products to help you put on a face in 7 minutes so you can be out the door. Here’s a list of the products in this set:

  • OneBase (concealer and foundation in one)
  • Essential Palette
  • Eye Pencil in Brown
  • LashActivator mascara
  • BeachBlush in Sunset Beach
  • Reverse Lip Liner in 01
  • Classic Lip Gloss with Timestrip Technology in Tobago

Instructions are also included to help you apply the products. The only drawback here is you have to have a light-medium skintone for these shades to work for you but let’s hope Cargo changes this the future. Update: Amelia let me know that this is indeed available in other tones. Thanks Amelia!

If Cargo’s 7-in-7 Kit isn’t on your shopping list already, consider adding it now! The Essential palette is fabulous (I have this in Warm/Neutral) and is a must have.

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  1. I picked up the Mally Beauty new Waterproof Eyliners she had on Try Me pricing – one of the colors is called Carribean Sea, a teal blue color. It was calling my name and I couldn’t resist. Can’t wait to try it on my waterline.

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