Calista Tools Perfecter Heated Round Brush & Ion Hot Rollers


Late last month I told you about the QVC Customer’s Choice Beauty Awards and how we would be test driving products from one of the categories nominated in the awards. We chose to go with Best Hair Tools and we have had a blast trying out all of these tools. Some were a complete revelation to us and others made us think how we survived this long without them.

Speaking for myself, I’ve become a “hair gal” over the course of the last year, I am now the girl who gets up earlier to do her hair instead of relying on the haircut to do all the work. Voting for the QVC Customer’s Choice Beauty Awards ends tonight so we’ll be spending the day featuring the products in the Best Hair Tools category.

Right now we’re taking a look at the Calista Tools products nominated, their Ion Hot Rollers and Perfecter Heated Round Brush.

Having seen the demo of the Calista Tools Set of 12 Ion Hot Rollers on QVC before, I was really excited to try them. One of the gals I work with has these gorgeous curls and when I asked her how she achieved them, hot rollers were her answer. Then I was even more excited to put these hot rollers through their paces.

The set comes with travel case and a base that charges up to 6 rollers at once but 12 are included in the set. The set pictured on the QVC website shows rollers for long hair but I received a set with medium rollers. Calista also makes rollers for short hair and those can be purchased seperately. The set also includes clamps to keep each roller in place since there is no velcro or any other materials to keep them snugly in place. The base only takes 3 minutes to fully heat up and then your rollers are ready to go. The rollers have a red dot on them that turns dark, this is when you know your rollers are heated and ready to go. These rollers are a little deceptive, you think they are not that warm but they really are.

I have to admit, this was the first time I tried hot rollers and it took me a little while to get the hang of it but once I did, I became addicted to the results and have since ordered the long rollers so I can give my hair a little more oomph. Calista suggests leaving the rollers on for 3 minutes but obviously, the longer you leave them in, the stronger your curl will be but even with just 3 minutes, I achieved bounce in my hair that lasted most of the day. That’s saying something for my hair because it is thick and sometimes doesn’t like to hang on to the curls I give it. Now in the mornings I use the rollers, I set the rollers then go on to brush my teeth and do my makeup and the results are amazing. Why did I wait so long to try hot rollers?

On days where I wear my hair straight, the Calista Tools Perfecter Heated Round Brush is my go-to weapon of choice. After blow drying my hair (more on blow dryers later!) I plugin in this round brush and go to town smoothing things over and giving my ends some attention curling them in. There’s really nothing to this tool, you just plug it in, let it warm up and let it do its thing. I tend to have a lot of fly aways when I dry my hair and this heated round brush is a huge help in taming them and perfecting my overall look for the day. This tool is perfect for those of us with shorter hair and want something to give their hair more volume but are not looking for a mane full of curls. Consider me hooked.

Have you tried any of these Calista tools? What do you think? Let’s discuss this new found obsession of mine in the comments. And don’t forget to vote in the QVC Customer’s Choice Beauty Awards tonight!