Case of the Luxurious Lip Balm

A few weeks ago I was in Barney’s, a store that really feels out of character for me, but I gave in to temptation and picked up the infamous By Terry Baume de Rose. I just had to see what all the fuss about, I called this “research”. I didn’t go for the usual pot, I went with the gloss-like version of the lip balm.

By Terry Baume de Rose When you first use By Terry’s Baume de Rose, you start to see glimpses of why this lip balm is so coveted. It’s got the most enchanting rose scent to it, the kind of scent you imagine a gorgeous red rose to have. That alone may be worth the price tag to some. The texture is appropriately thick, thicker than your average lip balm, and it smothers your lips with moisture all while leaving a shine on your lips, this particular formula anyhow. I’ve really enjoyed using lip stains under this lip balm. The light pink color to it softens the color of the stains I use so I’m using them more now because of this. It also has an extra use, you can use it on your cuticles.

Those things aside, I still have a few issues with the product. First, it’s got a doe foot applicator. This type of applicator seems to give off some type of graininess during application. When I wipe it off, I wipe off some of the product and start the cycle all over again. I’ve started just dabbing the wand instead of spreading it around like a gloss. A brush would be much better in this product. The other is the price tag. Part of me is having a hard time getting over the guilt for even spending about $55 including tax for this lip balm. What is in it that makes it this valuable? The lip balm does treat my lips nicely but this is not my holy grail lip balm. It’s very nice but there are better lip balms out there at a fraction of the price.

Really what you’re paying for here is a luxury item. The rose scent is fabulous but the formula itself doesn’t really do anything extraordinary for your lips so it’s up to you to decide if this is worth it. As for me, when it run’s out, it’s out.

3 thoughts on “Case of the Luxurious Lip Balm”

  1. Hi,

    I totally love your blog, thanks so much for all the product reviews and info you post here. I already tried a few products you recommended and i usually agree. however, the by terry is my longtime fav and i think it’s worth every penny.

    The other day I stumbled upon this blog: anyways, the people there claim that this face massager thingie makes anti-aging and skin care products up to 70% more effective cos it allows them to penetrate deep into the skin. My question is: have any of you experience with this or a similar product? Does it work or would you recommend me to try it out? Please remove the link if it’s against your blog policy. i don’t want to advetise for them, but rather have an expert’s opinion about it. ty so much!!!

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