Buxom Stay There Eye Shadow, For Dog Lovers Everywhere

There’s a new breed of cream shadow on the block, Buxom Stay There Eye Shadow, and I’m all in a tizzy over these! They’re named after puppy dogs. How cool is that? These are tugging at my crazy dog lady heart strings in a big way. The formula sounds appealing – it’s a “bounc-i-licous” eye color with an unexpectedly plush, lightweight texture. It’s paraben-free, infused with minerals and contains Aloe extract and Vitamin E. Sounds promising, right? I love the color selection — I’m eyeing up Pug and Schnauzer. I do have a thing for those wrinkly, smushy puppy faces.

My only disappoint with the selection is, of course, no Boston Terrier!  If I may offer some inspiration for a new Buxom shade…here’s my girl, Betty.

You can find these exclusively at Sephora for $17. We’ll report back when we give these a try!

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  1. How lovely! Good love.

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