New! Butter London Spring 2011 Collection

I have been looking forward to seeing this spring Butter London collection since I first heard about it when I met the lovely and charming Nonie Creme, creative director for Butter London. We sat down for a quick chat one September morning at Nordstrom since she was there to debut the line at the store.

Nonie says spring was all about creating a painterly palette and she pushed hard to move away from the grey, taupe and sand shades the team worked with at the 11 shows they did during Fashion Week for this season. Shades in this collection include:

Lady Muck – periwinkle blue with bit of grey and pearl pigment.
Teddy Girl – pale retro bubblegum pink.
Dosh – apple green shot through with gold.
Blagger – striking cobalt blue.
Hen Party – sheer opal.

You can find this collection online and in Nordstrom stores now. I picked up the collection on Saturday night along with Artful Dodger (turquoise) and Scoundrel (lilac) because I couldn’t help myself. I’m going to do my nails tonight but can’t decide if I want to try Lady Muck or Hen Party first… Hen Party reminds me of MAC’s long discontinued Pervette nail polish, a shade I wore to my prom in 1996! Which one would you go with for a mani?

The other new shade from Butter London is No More Waity and it is available on a pre-order basis at B-Glowing. The amazing Nonie Creme created this greige with lilac glitter shade to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Kate Middleton and Price William. Just one look at this swatch and both Laurie and I reached for the plastic to pre-order it. Nonie says No More Waity is her final nod to greige so I would order it if I were you. This shade starts shipping on 3/1 and I cannot wait until it’s in my hands.

And can I just say that I am so happy that this hometown brand is kicking so much New York Fashion Week ass! First the Polish Rings at Vena Cava and the dark nails at Alexander Wang, it has been fun to see what Nonie and the team has been up to this week. Would you try the polish rings?

8 thoughts on “New! Butter London Spring 2011 Collection”

  1. Want all of it! All of it!!!!!
    I hope I can fond No More Waity up here-I did find an All Hail McQueen, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    1. I really like this brand too. 🙂 What state are you in? So far, I haven’t seen Butter London sold in Ulta’s in Washington state.

  2. i know i am going to regret not ordering no more waity…but i think i will try to find it in person! i usually can find in on my semi annual trip to Las Vegas!

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