Just Another Mani Monday: Butter London Fash Pack & Minger

While it’s still Monday (at least in my time zone), I wanted to show you my current mani/pedi combo. This weekend I met the lovely Nonie Creme from Butter London at the Nordstrom Trend Show (more on that soon!) so naturally I wanted to wear shades from Butter London for the occasion. I chose Fash Pack for my nails and Minger for my toes.

Butter London describes Fash Pack as  putty meets mushroom and that’s a great way to describe the color but what they don’t mention is that the shade also has a fine shimmer to it.  It is a little deceiving and only noticeable in the bottle or in certain lighting. You can see a bit of that here. This is a great on-trend shade for the season.

Minger is on my toes, this is a shade from last year’s fall collection. This just screams pumpkins, doesn’t it? I think it’s fitting seeing as how October is just a few days away.  It’s not a typical fall shade but I’m really liking it and can’t wait to try it on my fingernails.

How about you? What colors are you wearing on your tips and toes?

9 thoughts on “Just Another Mani Monday: Butter London Fash Pack & Minger”

  1. Fash Pack looks gorgeous on you! I wish Butter London was sold in the US. There are so many colors I wanna try! Thanks for posting this.

    On my tips/toes now, I have MAC Formidable! and OPI Koala Berry.

    1. Thanks Kileen! They are actually sold on the US. Check out their website, they are starting to expand into a ton of new locations including Nordstrom and Ulta. 🙂

  2. ah, you’re right! they are sold in the US, just not in Dallas. 🙂 i’ll have to pick some up the next time I visit Austin or Houston. Thanks!!

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