New! Butter London Fall 2010 Collection

Details of the new Butter London collection for Fall are in and I’m already excited about this collection. During Fashion Week this past February, we saw tweets from Creative Director Nonie Creme about the shades she was mixing backstage for shows and now we get to take them home.

“Buzzwords in nail trend for Fall 2010 are texture, depth, and layering“, says Creme.  “At Alexander Wang we created a textured beige nail that was modern and sophisticated.  Then the press went wild when I custom mixed Marrow at Vena Cava. It’s a deep, murky purple that suits any skin tone.” Um, yes… we did go wild over Marrow.

Let’s take a peek at the rest of the collection:

Bumster is an opaque, ochre/mustard yellow. Normally a color like this does not inspire me but I’m quite curious about this shade will look on my skin.

This is Marrow, the shade that this tweet made all of us beauty bloggers drool. It is a dark, flat, murky and mysterious purple. Vena Cava named this shade after the dark purple, rusty center of a bone.

Here is All Hail McQueen, a shade in honor of the late designer Alexander McQueen. This shade is an opaque, holographic beige and if you love Butter London’s Yummy Mummy, you’re bound to love this version. Who wants to take bets on if this one will sell out?

Finally, meet Victoriana. She’s a textured, twinkling vintage blue like your favorite comfy jeans. This may be the shade that I am looking forward to seeing the most!

That’s not all… Butter London has a new perfume oil coming out soon and I’m dying to smell it (and feed my perfume oil obsession).  Here’s a peak. So what say you? Will you be picking up any of these shades?

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