Beauty VIP of the Week: Bright Lipstick

Have you heard? Lipstick is having a moment. Particularly the brights. This awesome piece in the Wall Street Journal by Elizabeth Holmes (@EHolmesWSJ), “Very Bright Lipstick, All the Time,” confirms my longing and NEED to rock the bold lip. Except I’m not tied to just one shade. People, there is a bright lip movement happening, and you need to join in.

I had at-length conversations with friends and coworkers this week about the mood-lifting, confidence-creating side effects of wearing a bright lipstick. Particularly on a warm sunny day when all you want to do is smile and be happy. We say leave the fear behind and dip your toes in the bright lip water. Pretty soon, you’ll be swimming in coral and pink.

For this reaason, bright lipstick was the Beauty Vip of the week. But I couldn’t pick just one.
NARS Mexican Rose Velvet Gloss Pencil. I deem this color universally flattering. I also found it particularly impressive that it lasted for 12 hours (with only lip balm applied a few times throughout the day). And, I had chicken wings for dinner.

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Full Speed. Quickly becoming my go-to “coral” because it has a salmon pink undertone that I find super flattering. Buy this. Then wear it, a lot. And please report back.

MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj. This is bright, and badass. Sure to shock everyone you see, in a good way. Also, please ignore “the face” I seem to be giving in this pic.

Where do you stand on the bright lip? All day, every day? Sometimes? Or never? Let’s talk about it!

2 thoughts on “Beauty VIP of the Week: Bright Lipstick”

  1. I agree that a beautiful bright lipstick will light up your face and can also perk up your mood. My beauty obsession is lip products and you can never have too many. I usually wear soft nudes but I recently attended a launch for some new M.A.C collections and I went crazy with the selection of beautiful bright lip colours. Bright lips will definately be part of my new spring and summer looks. It is such an easy way to try the new spring/summer trends.

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