Botkier Sydney Hobo: My New Obsession


A couple weeks ago I was in Nordstrom doing some birthday shopping and I came across a handbag that I have now become completely obsessed with… meet the Botkier Sydney Hobo handbag. This version seen here with lamb skin and suede is not the one I set eyes on in Nordstrom that fateful day (I was admiring a chocolate brown version) but either way, all I can do is admire Sydney from afar for the time being.

At $695, this is completely out of my fiscal league right now so instead I’ll be looking for something else with some of the same design elements… I love the rouching (love the rouching in the Uma Tote too) and lines on this bag. What do you think? Know of anything similar? 😉

One thought on “Botkier Sydney Hobo: My New Obsession”

  1. I agree…I LOVE Botkier bags. Love the details on this and I always love a hobo.

    You might want to try either or They tend to have cute trendy handbags that actually look more expensive then they are. You can typically pick one up for under $75. Many are under $50. : D

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