Duty Free Beauty: Bobbi Brown Pink Shimmer Brick with Brush

When I was little and we’d go visit family in Portugal, my mother would buy me something on the flight from New York to Lisbon. I have a weakness for Swatch watches so every time we’d travel to my parents home, I’d get a Swatch. I thought of this during my return flight from Paris to Houston and thought I owed myself a grown up travel gift. That ended up being a Bobbi Brown Pink Shimmer Brick with Brush.


Now I know that I could have gotten this at home but I lured in by the brush! I picked this up for $42 US. When you compare that to it’s retail price of $38 for the compact alone and add in sales tax and perhaps shipping depending on how you purchase this, that’s a pretty good deal. Right? That’s what I told myself anyhow.

So what’s the moral of this story? Next time you’re on an international flight, make sure you check out what duty free items are available to you! Check back to see the travel palettes from Chanel, Guerlain and Lancome… those are the real lookers from my trip.

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