Ripe for Spring

With her new spring collection, Bobbi Brown is treating us all to fresh pink raspberries. This new Pink Raspberry collection features new pot rouge, lipglosses, lip pencils, lip sheers and a gorgeous new palette.

Bobbi Brown Pink Raspberry Palette The Pink Raspberry palette features beautiful universally flattering shades. Starting with Navajo and Fog eyeshadows, Navajo is an all-over lid/base color and Fog is a medium grey shadow with a very light touch of sparkle to it. Fog can make a great crease color when used lightly or smuged along the lash line. Pink Raspberry blush may seem a little alarming but it’s very pretty on, the key is to not have a heavy hand with this. Finally there’s the lip color. Rapsberry and Blue Raspberry are Lip Sheers so as the name suggests, are less pigmented than your normal lipstick. I’ve been loving Blue Raspberry, even on a fair girl, this is a great “my lips but better” shade.

Bobbi Brown Pink Raspberry Lipgloss Now for the lip glosses, Pink Raspberry and Pink Popsicle. I was a little concerned that these shades might be too pink for me but once I tried them on, I changed my mind. I’m now a believer in the power of pink. If you like a bit of sparkle in your gloss, try Pink Raspberry Glitter Lip Gloss. It’s got gorgeous hints of blue reflects and it just looks stunning on. Otherwise, Pink Popsicle is a great pop of bright, sheer pink.

Most of this collection is limited edition so pick up what you can while you can. According to the website though, it does look like the Pink Raspberry Pot Rouge is here to stay. I think that might be my next purchase at Nordstroms.