Bobbi Brown Makeup Face Lift Collection

Bobbi Brown’s onto something with her Makeup Face Lift Collection, which touts products that help you look well-rested in 5 minutes flat. I’m on board with that concept, how about you guys? This is a small release but the timing is perfect and I’m particularly excited to see the return of my beloved Tinted Eye Brightener in a click-pen format!

Here’s the collection deets:

EXTRA Eye Repair Cream ($65)
Packed with peptides, natural plant oils and humectants that target fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and dryness, this rich, concentrated cream visibly revives eyes.

Tinted Eye Brightener ($38)
Now in a portable pen, this lightweight concealer (8 shades available) counteracts under-eye circles by brightening up the area. I’ve been using the potted version for years and live by this stuff. Haven’t yet tried the newly packaged version, but I’m eager to. I will say though, the price did jump quite a bit.

Brow Pencil ($20)
Instantly give your eyes a “lift” with defined eyebrows with this new creamy, blendable pencil, available in five shades. It gives the natural look of eyebrow powder with the precision of a pencil and is equipped with its own sharpener.

Brightening Lip Gloss ($20)
Two new shades, Popsicle and Nectar, are included in this release. This formula rocks! It’s sheer, reflective and literally wakes up your face by creating the illusion of fuller lips. Ohmygoodness, Nectar is gor-geous!

Bobbi also recommends pairing these items with a flushed cheek – suggesting Pot Rouge in Pale Pink or Pink Truffle. This collection inspired the items I reached for this morning. I’m actually sporting some vintage Bobbi, the Pink Raspberry palette from two springs ago. The bright pop of blush is so perfect! And really, it’s zero degrees out. I’m just focused on keeping my skin looking bright and healthy.

The Makeup Face Lift Collection is available now at counters and at

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