A Long Wearing Cream Eyeshadow Wonder?

I have a obsession and it’s name is Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow. I am in love… completely, hopelessly and utterly in love. I have never been a big Bobbi Brown fan. I’ve found her products to be a little on the safe side and maybe a bit boring (see? I like color) but now I can bow down at the Bobbi Brown alter and give her the respect she has deserved from me all along.

Bobbibrowncreameyeshadow I played with this product over the weekend and I’m happy to say, this product really does live up to it’s name. I put this on my eyes without any sort of base at approximately 2pm. I kept checking my eyes about every two hours and creasing only began at about 8pm. Even then, it was the pigment that I was wearing that was creasing up. Six hours worth of crease-less eyeshadow? What’s not to like? I got this product in Bone and it made for a great base and minimalist look. Everyone should have at least one of these.

And by the way, I hope everyone in the US has a safe and happy 4th of July!