A Pretty Powerful Bobbi Brown Holiday 2012 Collection

Sundays are for catching up on the DVR, spa-ing at home and window shopping online. The collection I’ve been e-browsing all day is none other than Bobbi Brown’s Holiday Gift Guide. Yes, already. Bobbi Brown does holiday oh so well. We have this overwhelmingly need every year to treat ourselves and gift others with her limited edition eye and lip palettes. A.K.A. the annual palette pull. It’s like a magnet or something. I’m particularly obsessing over the Rich Caviar Eye Palette. Smooth neutrals get me every time, and that Olive Sparkle Eye Shadow is screaming WEAR ME. The palette options run the gamut, from the palm-sized Atomic Pink Lip & Eye Palette to the double decker Caviar & Oyster Palette. It’s easy to get lost in palette wonderland, but Bobbi snuck in a few other surprises. The Powder Pearl Eye Trio is a new item, a pearly powder in a tube. The colors look stunning. And Bobbi is launching an EXTRA Hand Cream next month. Love that the EXTRA line is expanding!

What catches your eye? While you craft your lists, check out Bobbi’s new Facebook app, Pretty Powerful Beauty Stories. This app is everything we love about Bobbi and beauty, bringing her Pretty Powerful campaign to everyone. You can build your own story and share. There’s prizes to be had, too, which is icing on the cake. Check it out here.

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