A Little Bit of Eye Candy

Bobbibrownchocolatepalette Speaking of Bobbi Brown, she’s got this fantastic new palette out for fall. It’s called the Chocolate Eye Palette and it’s got some gorgeous colors in it. While I do like my bold colors, I’m also really into this colors. Almost all of the colors are exclusive to this palette, Bone is the only one you can buy on it’s own. There are some shades with a bit of shimmer and some without. There are enough colors in this palette for a really gorgeous neutral look. For Bobbi fans, this palette is a must have.

When you pair this with some of the other products in the Chocolate Collection, watch out. The Chocolate Cherry nail polish is beautiful, it makes me want to stop biting my nails again.

One thought on “A Little Bit of Eye Candy”

  1. Ugh I shouldn’t have read this. I’ve been wanting to get this for ages and have held strong so far…but after reading this post, the only thing stopping me is if it sells out. 🙂

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