New! Bobbi Brown Beach Club Collection

Bobbi Brown invites us all for a stay at the Beach Club with her newest summer collection.  According to Bobbi, “Nothing says summer to me like pretty, glowing skin and shimmering lids.”  We can’t help but agree and this club is definitely one worth joining.

Bobbi Brown’s Beach Club includes:

A new Shimmer Brick ($38)

  • Beach, a mix of warm bronzes

Long-Wearing Metallic Cream Shadow ($22)

  • Moonstone Green – pale, shimmering green
  • Opal Pearl – an opalescent pink
  • Surf – a pale, shimmering blue
  • Pink Oyster – a shimmering pink

Long-Wearing Cream Shadow ($22)

  • Shore – a pale nude

Naturally, the second this hit counters I ran for the Beach Shimmer Brick. As you can see, it’s very bronzey and incredibly shimmery. I absolutely love this and have been wearing it for the past week as a bronzer/blush. I’ve also been using my MAC 165 brush and picking up color from the first two strips as a highlight.

The rest of the collection is equally amazing, and the cream shadows are a summer staple. Carla picked up Shore and it looks like the perfect eye base.

Let us know if you’ve gotten a chance to check this out. Do you think it’s worth the membership dues to join Bobbi’s Beach Club? Interested to hear your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “New! Bobbi Brown Beach Club Collection”

  1. Went straight to purchase Moonstone metallic cream shadow, but hated it when I got home. It barely had any color when I applied it on my lids. Then I applied more, thinking it will give me more color. But, it just piled on more glitter and creased due to the thickness. So, back to Neiman’s and exchanged it for the shimmer brick. For me, it wouldn’t matter what color cream shadow it is since it seems more glittery than the color in the pan.

  2. The moonstone green is calling me. I like cream shadows when it is hot outside. I have a lot of brownish shimmer bricks so I think I will skip this one and get a few of the cream shadows. My all time favorite shimmer brick is my good old gold. I’m uber pale and it adds a warmth to my face that I can’t seem to find in any other shimmer brick. The coral brick looks more interesting to me than this beach one. 🙂

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