Fresh from the Bath

Bobbi Brown Bath Fragrance Bobbi Brown’s line of fragrances has expanded with the release of Bath. The makeup maven pays her respects to the fresh,clean scent of stepping straight out of the bath by combining notes of water hyacinth, orange flower, neroli, aromatic sage and sandalwood with just a touch of patchouli.

The overall effect is light and airy, not overpowering. The water hyacinth really comes through and is very refreshing. Every time I smell it on myself, I get a warm, home feeling so I like to splash it on before going to bed. Maybe that explains my sweet dreams, lately… I’ve noticed that the scent does wear off throughout the day, so I carry a bottle around in my bag and spritz as needed.

In addition to a great scent, Bath’s bottle is adorable – it’s a throwback to old fashioned apothecary bottles, like those found at a turn of the century chemist’s. The lines are sleek, the label very simple. The bottle looks like something a cool girl back in 1910 might have kept on her dressing table. So, in addition to paying homage to bath time, Bobbi Brown’s Bath gives a nod to the origins of today’s beauty industry.