Lusting After This: Bobbi Brown Artist Lip Palette

Bobbi Brown Artist Lip Palette Since we’re on the topic, I had to show you this Bobbi Brown Artist Lip Palette I am lusting after. I was on the Bobbi Brown website looking at swatches of the new Party collection eye shadows when I started looking through the gift guide. That’s when I came accross this beautiful lip palette. Just look at it, isn’t it gorgeous?

This beauty comes with 42 different lipstick shades in 3 different formulas; Lip Color, Creamy Lip Color and Lip Sheers. You can find a listing of the exact shades included here. This limited edition palette is a lipstick lover’s dream.

There is a downside, the Bobbi Brown Artist Lip Palette is not exactly cheap. At $200, this is strictly a wishlist item for me unless some willing sugardaddy comes along. I’m trying to save for New York Fashion Week in February! A gal can dream though…

4 thoughts on “Lusting After This: Bobbi Brown Artist Lip Palette”

  1. You know what, Carla… with this palette, there is an endless amount of combinations available and if you didn’t buy another lipstick for the year, you would be making up for it and then some. That is how I am justifying it in my mind, anyway… I am seriously considering.

  2. hi i have the palette i got it from bobbi brown for xmas as i am a bb artist how much r ya willing to pay for it ?~

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